Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Pedigree Gayle & Ooak Sindy as Gayle

I have always loved Gayle by Marx Toys, ever since the first time I saw one - a few years back, they were not produced or sold in the U.K so I had no idea she even existed until a few years ago when I saw one on Flickr but, I had to have her for my collection, so I went on a dolly hunt and discovered two things, the first being that she is pretty rare, and those people lucky enough to own one, do not often want to part with theirs and who can blame them? This girl's gorgeous!

And secondly, when they do come up at auction (Ebay mostly) they cost silly money ... what's new huh?

It seems as ever my tastes are too expensive for my wallet!

This of course leaves me with two choices I can either give up on ever adding this beauty to my "Sindy" Collection, or I can attempt to make one! But I'm getting a bit ahead of myself here, as you may not even know or remember what she looks like, so here's some pictures I found on an Ebay recently:

Ebay listing that ended on 27th November 2012, doll sold for £175.00 

When Gayle was originally sold in 1978, she was packaged just like Marx's Sindy Doll, the only difference to the packaging, being the name in the heart is Gayle instead of Sindy, her dress is very similar too!

This one (above) is still at auction on Ebay, there are two bidders and she currently costs: £82.00, if you'd like to try your luck; click on the link below:

While looking for images on Google just now, I discovered another version I have never seen before (below), she seems to have shorter hair, but that could just be the hairstyle, I have no idea when this one was produced all I know is She sold on 8th November 2012, after 28 bids took the price up to $188.09 or £116.20!

A while back, I spotted this picture from one of my Flickr contacts:

OOAK Tammy Friend From England Black Trendy Sindy by Nav Sikand (Virgin-Archer on Flickr)

The doll you see above is a one of a kind creation in tribute to the Black Sindy Doll. Nav dyed the doll, rerooted her hair and eyelashes, and repainted her makeup. Nav provides more information about this doll in his auction. It isn't often I see a makeover of this kind, and thought friends of Tammy would find this interesting. (please note, this item is no longer for sale on Ebay, to my knowledge).

                                                                 Isn't she just perfect?!!

He also did the same to a Francie Doll!

                                                   OOAK Growing pretty hair AA Francie

OOAK AA Francie with growing Pretty hair.On auction/sale now on evilbay. Please feel free to contact me for details on purchasing if interested. ( Write up Posted under photo' on Flickr by Nav). When another of my flickr friends asked he go her colour so perfect, he replied ...

What can I say? I was inspired, so I got a Clone Sindy (the kind that were everywhere when I was a child in the 80's, and more often than not to e found in Fabric and Wool shops for dolly dress-making etc) that I thought would be a good "Tester Doll" but sadly, my attempt at dying her with Acid Dye, turned her face  more of a berry red than brown and her body didn't take any of the dye at all and remained pink!! 

Then I got the idea to use spray paint, a bit of squirting later, then the obligatory agonising "Don't Touch!" while it dries phase, a re-root and eye paint and I came up with this little lady:

She will have to be redone at some point, in fact I'll probably strip her down and then dye her soon, but I think as a "tester" this technique worked very well, and she does look beautiful this colour...

I also have a spare Sindy who I'll be dying brown soon, so this little lady will be able to go in the same dye bath with her, when I get round to it, in fact as I am only a few days away from dying a 1/6 body so I can take advantage of that dye bath and do all three at the same time... funs!

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