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I've never met anyone who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s who doesn't still have a love for The Muppets,

 I really can't put my finger on why but ask anyone who was a child in those decades and just the mention of The Muppets will raise a wistful smile and a nostalgic longing inside them, heck even the adults around us at the time loved The Muppets and like us children of the 70s and 80s still look back on those halcyon days with longing, so it really should come as no surprise that I just happen to be the proud owner of a Muppet Show board game from 1977!

As you can see from the box, the game is for two to four players aged 8 to adult - the reason for this is because each player controls two of the eight counters.

The aim of the game is, as you'd expect pretty crazy - Chaos has broken out Back Stage in the theatre and no-one is where they should be, the audience are seated..."Curtains Up" is in a matter of minutes and The Muppets are running here, there and everywhere like a bunch of manics, so it's up to you to help Kermit get each pair of Muppets to the right place on stage before the curtain goes up...

When I opened the box I found all the playing pieces sealed in plastic bags, so I had to remove them and place them into the moulded areas of the box to check if I had everything needed to play the game.

The playing counters and their bases are colour coded, this corresponds to the area of the stage in which those Muppets should be waiting ready to perform their act once the curtain goes up.

As well as two Muppets each player has to control a "set" piece, these are also colour coded to match their respective Muppets.

Miss. Piggy & Rowlf have a Theatre set ( note they are dressed as Surgeons), Scooter & Fozzie Bear have a Park bench set, Zoot & The Great Gonzo have instruments and spotlights on their set and of course Dr. Teeth & Animal have their band set.

These pieces must also be moved to the front of the stage and placed in their respective areas before the Curtains go up.

You have a book of Stage Directions / Rule Book to help you and a pack of cards which contain directions, hazards etc...

The cards are used in place of a die and provide instructions on where and how to move, but they are not always so helpful... 

You may be moved Backstage, to The Wings, or moved by other players who draw a certain card, but to help you along and to counter these threats use could also draw Star Cards; these will countermand Hazard cards providing you hold at least one Movement card.

 The first person to get their Muppets and set pieces to the correct area at the front of the stage wins the game...

And allows Kermit to take a well earned rest!

15th August 2017.

As I've had a couple of requests for copies of the rules for this game, I've decided to revisit this post and upload scans of the Stage Directions (Rule Book) so anyone who needs a copy can just save and print them as required... So here goes!

7th March 2018

Many Thanks go to David Simpson, who downloaded copies of my original scans, retouched them and has kindly given me the retouched versions to upload here for anyone else who needs them..

As the Rule Book is printed on a single folded sheet,  the best way to print it so it looks more authentic would be to print the first side, then turn the paper over and print the second image on the other side.

It's also worth noting that the Rule Book is A5 in size so make sure you reduce the image so it is no more than 148 x 210 mm ( 5.8 x 8.3 inches) that way your replacement will be as authentic as a printed scan can be!

                                              Hope this helps, and happy gaming!!



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