Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Ooak Audrey Two - Monster High Pet, Doll's House Miniature.

Ever since I first saw the Little Shop of Horrors 1986 Musical, it's been a firm favourite of mine. I love the 1960 Roger Corman film, but there's just something about the musical version that puts it right up there on my list of all time favourite films.

I love the way the movie makes you forget that you're watching a film and fools you into thinking you're watching it on the stage, the sets are awesome.

 Ellen Greene belts out her numbers like no one else could, the costumes on the three schoolgirl 1960's style pop group are gorgeous, but most of all Audrey two is both adorable and monstrous and I'm sure you won't be surprised to learn, one of those toys that never was, but I so wish had of been made!

For years I've been wanting to make myself one but never quite finding the inspiration or suitable materials to do so...                                                                      

Until Mattel launched their Venus McFlytrap Doll, who came with an adorable little pet called Chewlian and everything about the little guy screamed "Audrey Two" to me.

After I bought a Venus McFlytrap for my collection, I was on the lookout for another Chewlian to turn into an Audrey Two, when I finally got my hands on one, it was full steam ahead.

My Audrey Two

I had to carve off his "fin" , make him some more tendrils and repaint him.

My Audrey Two

I added some "mud" to his pot, and painted the cracks to make it look more beaten up.

My Audrey Two

It was actually pretty easy to do, and took only a couple of minutes to get him looking just right, and so I got the idea that I may soon make one or two more to sell at some time in the future.

My original plan was to make him for Endora's house (which sadly I run out of steam on half way through) but it seems that Pendle has over ideas, she loves the little guy,...

So it looks like I'll end up making yet another so Endora doesn't get jealous, after all, she'll be needing lots of freakish plants and herbs for her Witch's Shop!

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