Friday, 13 March 2015

☠ Maudlynne Macabre™ Beginner Collector Doll by Tonner ☠

How could I possibly resist those eyes?     Well the obvious answer is I couldn't!

About a month before Christmas I received an email from Tonner stating that this lovely just was on sale - even better than that they sent me an additional email with a code for money off shipping cost of dolls in stock, I had some gift money so I decided it was now or never...

The Tonner website
has this little write up, about Maudlynne's personality traits...

Maudlynne Macabre

Our favorite 10 year old resides in a Victorian mansion in Upstate New York and favors dark chocolate, black cats, moonlight walks on lonely beaches, all nocturnal creatures and musty attics-particularly those frequented by her best friend (and ghost) Victoria and her side kick Edgar Allen, the talking Raven. Although generally shy, she aspires to have a career as a TV or internet clairvoyant, a role in which her modern Victorian Chic style will prevail. 
Come, enter Maudlynne’s truly macabre world and prepare for some other-worldly adventures.

While Tonner Toys have added more information about the doll's background / concept., this image appears to have been taken directly from the back of her box and both Tonner and Tonner Toys have the dolls for sale on their websites...
As the image is so small; here's what it says...

"Maudlynne McCobb is very sensitive, shy and able to see spirits. Maudlynne was home-schooled for most of her life until her parents noticed her perculiarness and decided it was time for her to socialize a bit more with regular kids. 

Age:10. Favourite colours: Black, Blue & Purple. Likes: Dark chocolate, walks along moonlight beaches, black cats, all nocturnal creatures & nice, musty attics. Lives: In a Victorian Mansion in a sleepy little town in Upstate New York. Style: Modern Victorian Chic. Ambition: TV clairvoyant. Best Friends: Victoria , the Ghost in the attic & Edgar Allan, the talking Raven."

I'm not sure why the box refers to her as having the surname McCobb - this could be a typo or it could even have been the prototype's original name that someone forgot when it come to reviewing  the blurb on the box design. 

I have to say I'm not impressed by the blurb giving the impression that children who are homeschooled are in some way peculiar. 

I removed my Son from mainstream education and home schooled him after the bullying he was dealing with on a daily basis became so bad I felt there was no alternative, maybe I'm being over sensitive... 

Anyway here she is as pictured on the Tonner websites:
She's a big girl, standing around  15.25 inches and has 10 points of articulation - neck, knees, hips, torso (just under breast), shoulders, elbows. 

While the lack of articulation in her wrists and ankles isn't that much of an issue and probably wouldn't matter for a child, as an adult collector who likes to be able to place my dolls in any number of poses I can't help wishing that she had movement in these areas.

Unlike most other dolls she doesn't have any articulation at the waist, surprisingly this really isn't noticeable when posing and doesn't affect her possibility at all.

 It is of course very noticeable when the doll is undressed and then only because she has a long torso... well not really it is in proportion to the rest of her body but it looks long as unlike other dolls it isn't broken up by an articulated waist!

For an adult collector such as myself it would have been beneficial and greatly appreciated it she had of been designed with this additional point of articulation, but I'm mindful that she wasn't designed for collectors of my age group and she is such a stunning doll that it's not something that I really have a compliant about, it just would have been a nice addition.
Her hair is rooted and very thick so it's great for styling by little and big girls alike!

It's very long, silky and soft and is topped by a cute red ribbon headband which is secured to her head with those little plastic tie things.

Her face is sculpted by Robert Tonner and her facial features are painted on.

Her clothing is described on the site as being a Victorian Goth Chic Dress but I'd describe it as a mixture of styles.

 Her maroon dress is made of a very soft fabric which shimmers a bright red when the lit hits it.

 The white "bib" is made of a similar fabric and reacts the same to light.

Details had been added in black lace at the hemline, around the bib and sleeve cuffs, a deep blue ribbon around the waist and black ribbon around the neck - which ends in a bow.

The ribbon areas have been sewn directly onto the dress so are less fiddly for little hands and cannot get lost as they remain on the dress during removal.
In keeping with both the Victorian and Goth theme Maudlynne comes wearing a cute little pair of blue lace fingerless gloves.

These are made from a stretchy net type fabric which makes them easy to put on and take off. For a child however, it may prove fiddly as they have to thumb sewn separately and this has to be put in place first otherwise the fabric being so thin may rip.

Maudlynne's tights are made of thick t-shirt material and though easy to remove can be a little tiresome to put back on, this is due to her lack of ankle joints as her feet remain firmly facing forward the whole time.

Her Mary Jane style shoes are made of a squishy rubbery type plastic which has a slightly tacky feel to it.

They feel kind of flimsy but they are actually pretty robust so aren't likely to be ripped by constant removal and replacement.

An unfortunate side effect I have recently discovered about keeping Maudlynne displayed in her original outfit in her box when not in use is that the indigo dye used on her tights has stained her feet. 

As I know a fix for this it's not that much of a big deal to me but for a child or someone who doesn't know how to fix it it could be a very big deal.

When Maudlynne was originally released she was priced at  $44.99 but has since been placed on sale for $34.99.

As far as I'm aware these dolls are still in stock on both the Tonner websites so if you'd like to get your hands on one there is still time!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Limited Edition Pocket Full Of Posiez Delilah Art Doll by Queenie.

Last year I was doing my usual nosing around Ebay with no particular doll in mind when I happened upon a listing for an adorable little person called a "Delilah Doll"... 

The listing didn't really give much information and only included the photograph below, but that was enough for me to fall in love!

The seller wrote on the listing "A very cute, Gothic Lolita style Art Doll. Her head is cast in Vinyl with a plush body and pose-able arms and legs. She also comes with her Card and giant cupcake, with her edition number printed on the bottom of the box."

I placed my bid and went off to do some research on this little girl, I discovered that sadly there isn't much but what I did find was Queenie's website: which had this cute little picture of her with some info' on the doll's features...

On that website I also found a picture of the prototype dated Feb 6 2012, I always like to see and compare prototypes with finished products, in this case the differences are minimal.

I also found this pic' which shows the gorgeous design on the back and right side of the box.

I was so pleased to win her and had a hard time waiting for her to arrive... Here's my cute little "Gothic Cupcake" Delilah by Queenie,

As this doll is limited to 1000 Worldwide, it comes with her edition number written at the bottom of the box so of course whilst admiring the box I just had to turn it over to see what number my girl is... turns out she's number 645...

As she is soft bodied she poses better sitting down. She didn't come with a stand so I'm not sure it she should of had one.

It would have to be a weird shape tough as her body is triangular and as I mentioned, soft bodied. She also isn't able to hold her own cupcake as her arms are not only short and handless, but they have the appearance of having been made using thick pipe cleaners...

While I like the rustic look this gives her, it does mean that if she does get hungry you will have to hold her cupcake and feed it to her yourself!

She really loves this seat as it's not only comfy but it also has arms she can rest her cupcake on!

Queenie has an Etsy Shop where she sells her artwork and jewellery - if you'd like to check it out, you can click this link:

I was having a nose about there earlier and I found this adorable pic' of  Delilah, seeing as mine are kind of blurry looking I thought I'd upload it as it's a close up of her face and sadly my pic's don't really do this little girl justice...

You can also get information on new releases etc on Queenie's facebook page...  deadlycutepocketfullofposiez

Well that's about it I guess unless I forgot they are still available to buy on the website -  if you're interested in owning your own little Goth Girl..

Anyhoo, the link's up there somewhere..,

I'm off to cuddle my reptilian babies now so until next time..

Take care,   :)

Blyth Doll aka Wink Doll aka Middie Blythe Clone Doll

I've just found this post (waiting for text) in my drafts folder and seeing as I posted my photographs of  Little Windy Wendy recently it made sense to finish this post and get it up online too, so here goes...

Here's the sales listing photo's - I find them very interesting to look back on as I did wonder when writing my last post about these dolls if it really was just the Strawberry Shortcake dress that persuaded me to choose the light pink haired girl over the others.

The dress definitely had a lot to do with it but I also still really like the red dress, I guess the deal breaker was I have an ADG Blythe with brown hair, an Icy "Death Misa" with bright yellow hair and a LBE with bright pink.

So the choice was really only between then light pink and the light blonde.

Sadly at the time I bought her I didn't have an idea how I was going to customise her or I would have bought the blonde as it fits the aesthetic better but meh it doesn't matter to me that much as I really don't like the blonde as much and there's no reason why "Daughter of  Windy Wendy" should have dirty blonde hair too!

As you can see from their almost nakie photoshoot they have really small bodies apart from their spindly little legs they resemble skinny Licca or Blythe like bodies.

Pose wise they are really not very good as they are only able to stand (with support) and can only sit with their legs out stretched.

They have no articulation in the body accept for at the hips and shoulders, (I haven't tried it) but I'm sure it would be easy to give them a body transplant.

As for clothing, it's not easy to find any as they have such weird measurements but they can fit into some Bratz tops, the trousers and skirts are far too big though - thinking about it that would actually work for "Little Windy" wearing her Mother's hand-me-downs!

As for shoes, it's a bit of a nightmare as they have crazy-tiny feet - seriously out of proportion to the rest of their bodies and can only fit Polly Pocket, Mini Pullip, Petite & LPS Blythe footwear ... See what I mean about being weird?! 

Oh well enjoy, or maybe not!

Abandoned Chair Discovered in a Local Graveyard on - 2nd May 2009

It's just so weird, this chair was just sitting there in the middle of one of my 2 my favourite Graveyards (the headstones in this one have been placed all around the edges of the grounds ...

I have been told this is because there was a bit of a landslide a few decades ago and the graves went tumbling onto the road...scary

Anyhoo, as I say it was just there right in the middle away from anything so I thought probably ricketty test it and stare at the view...

Even weirder...It was solid as a rock!

So I did the only thing I could do and took pic's to mark the odd occurance lol

Arrrgh...Time Warp!

 Add a lil' bit of photo editing and this is what you get!

Turning 2009 into 1943 (ish)

I got my son to check out the view of the post office lol


Spooky eh?

*¸,ø¤º My 2 Almost Dead Kamar E.Ts º¤ø,¸*

These 2 guys turned up in my bedroom one day back in 1989 and I still have no idea who put them there!

They were in much better condition then tho' :(

One still had the ET label on his wrist...the label on them has copyright Copyright Kamar, Made in Taiwan, 1982 Universal City Studios Inc...

Poor things have seen better days :( looks like I'm gonna have to crack open the old Daler Rowney's and spruce them up!

🍓 🍰 Re-Rooted Strawberry Shortcake Doll 🍓 🍰

Demonic Angel 1975

Re-Rooted Strawberry Shortcake Doll

Hair was an absolute mess when I got her, chopped to pieces so I re-rooted her with some vintage Barbie Refill Saran I had ...

It's slightly different in colour & I have made it a little longer than her original hair.

I have also added extra to it so it is thicker and fuller than the original and also so much Softer!

Strawberry scent added to hair.

Paint on mouth is a little chipped so maybe she could do with a touch up but I wasn't feeling that brave!

Hat and Dress are original items.

April 26, 2009

๏_๏ Ooak Zombie dolls ๏_๏

                                                             Zombie Baby!

Another zombie kid I made for Aaron...this one apparently has to stay inside the pot that way she can't get out and terrorize his mini pullips et all!                
September 7, 2009

                                                                  Zombie Shelly!

Made this little lady for Aaron but he hates her and keeps her hidden away...something to do with feeling like a perv cos she's in his bedroom nakid and so obviously a little kid apparently!!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Mattel Liam Flavas Doll (redressed)

I got this guy as a Trade from the very lovely and generous Joey ( Joey4MaryMagpie on Flickr ), who knew how much I was after a Flavas boy doll!

I've redressed him in an awesome "Punk" 1/16 outfit which I had bought for a custom I'm in the middle of ... added the dust mask (because I have a problem in that area!) and some Action Man boots and he was good to go!

☢ Ooak Wink / Blyth Clone Doll aka "Windy Wendy" ☢

Last year I got my hands on what is now being marketed as a Blyth doll (Blythe Middie Clone) - When these first appeared 3 or so years ago they were called Wink dolls, as at the time Middie Blythes had not been released they were sold as Blythe Clones, even there they are only about 10 inches tall.

I ummed and arred them for several years, choosing Basaak, Little Big Eyes and C.C.E dolls over them for my face up, sleep eye and customising practise dolls...

Until last year when I spotted some on sale as Middie Clone dolls and suddenly had the idea that I could have a go at making a hideous little girl out of one instead...

I had no particular "ugly" in mind, but as she arrived while my Son and I were right in the middle of our "Breaking Bad Marathon" - during which we watched every episode from all five seasons. *Grin*

 I became fascinated with the character "Windy Wendy"... 

Isn't she gorgeous?!
A lightbulb went off and the idea for a meth-addicted prostitute doll was born!

I chose the pink haired when ideally I should have gone for the blonde but the pink haired girl came in an adorable Strawberry Shortcake dress which I found myself unable to resist even though she was not going to remain in it after her transformation.

So what to do...?

Obviously the only thing I could do was scuzz her up a bit and call her Wendy!

So she got to keep her pink hair, for now anyway - I plan to have another go at making wigs soon, so who knows, she may end up blonde one day.

Personally I think she's kind of cute even with her bad teeth, snot, dribble and I hate to think what else but my Son can't stand to even look at her - she disgusts him so much, he says I disgust him too for making such a vile doll but meh that just makes me love her more!

I like my customs to be more "natural" looking unless I'm making a punk, T.V or film character so I've kept her make up pretty low key, also I began to think of her as "Daughter of Wendy" more than Wendy herself and that made me think about how every Infant School Playground seems to have that one kid who always has a runny nose which is both wet and crusty at the same time, this doll would definitely be THAT KID!!

Well that was the plan anyway... So she definitely needed snot, lots of snot - cue nostril carving and addition of moisture...

I guess one of the reasons I find her cute is because I always felt so sorry for those kids, I often wondered why their parents never taught them to wipe their noses and wash their faces, I could never understand and it wasn't until I was much older that I realised not everyone had a Mum like mine.

This realisation hit me in two ways... it made me love and appreciate my Mum more and it also made my heart go out to those poor little mites. 

To this day I always want to adopt them, take them home ,clean them up and show them some love...

I couldn't help thinking that if Windy Wendy had a daughter she would most likely not teach her to wipe her nose as she would be far to busy either making money for a fix or taking meth and so the backstory for this little girl was born...

I sanded and matted her face and gave her new eyelashes too, which she uses to bat her eyelids at passing motorists, just like her dear old Mum!

Sadly having been born a "meth baby" and growing up with a mother who gave it to her to shut her up so she can "do what she needs to" poor "Little Windy" was doomed to follow in her mum's footsteps and can often be seen plying her trade in the carpark of The Crossroads Motel while her mum's inside with one of her Johns or getting High.

She wears her trademark leopard print crop top, white hot pants and calf high patent leather boots.

One reason for this is because I haven't gotten around to make her a new outfit yet and she certainly can't go back to wearing her Strawberry Shortcake dress as it's far too twee and really she's too old for it anyway.

Whenever she asks her mum for clothes she just throws the first thing she can find at her, so she tends to wear a lot of leopard print.

I guess I really should step in and do something about it soon *sigh*

She really likes "Cry baby - Grumpy guts" (my first Blythe custom, whom I made from scratch after buying all the pieces separately then building her) and wants to be friends but sadly the feeling is not mutual, which isn't really surprising as she is the "Grumpy Cat" of the Blythe kingdom and hates pretty much everything!

Just look at that facial expression! I guess it doesn't help that Windy's always following her and copies everything she does, I've told her it means that she's in awe of her and she should be flattered that someone thinks she's that cool, but she isn't convinced....

"Mum... Make her go away" *Sob*
Well I guess that there's nothing more I can say about this little girl right now, so I'll be seeing ya...
Back soon,