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👽 The X Files Mulder & Scully Barbie Collectors Gift Set 👽

The  Barbie & Ken as Agent Dana Scully and Agent Fox Mulder Collectors Gift Set was released in 1998 to coincide with the release of the first X Files film called Fight The Future, the front of the box alludes to this at the bottom right, below the image of  David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as Mulder & Scully are the words "Fight The Future" in red capital letters and again on the right side of Barbie are three cardboard 1/6th poster size images; the first states: "FIGHT" and in small white letters at the very bottom: "Only in theaters June 19".

The second states: "FUTURE" and again the same legend in white below and the third says simply: "FIGHT THE FUTURE" at the bottom this one also reads:"Only in theaters June 19".

Both dolls are dressed in exact replicas of the outfits worn by Mulder and Scully's in the movie. 

Dana is wearing one of her much loved trouser suits with high heels and a white blouse, she has her laminated F.B.I Identification Badge pinned to her lapel and a large white pearl ring on her right hand.  

She has no other jewellery save for her gold cross which hangs on a chain around her neck. Beside her hand is her wallet sized badge holder which also contains her F.B.I Identification Card, Shield and Credentials.  

Both her I.D Card and her laminated Badge have her photograph and signature as well as other information and official F.BI Seals.

Fox is wearing a black suit, dark grey shirt, grey and blue striped tie, black leather belt with silver buckle and black shoes.

He also has an F.B.I Identification Badge pinned to his lapel and like Barbie, beside his right hand is his wallet sized badge holder which also contains his F.B.I Identification Card, Shield and Credentials.

The back of the box is illustrated with scenes from the movie and in keeping with the X Files theme lists the character's biographies written in the style of dossiers:

DOSSIER: Agent Dana Scully
Recruited out of medical school, Agent Dana Scully was originally assigned to THE X-FILES to debunk Agent Fox Mulder's work. Brilliant, idealistic, and with strong convictions, Scully discovers that THE X-FILES contain extra-ordinary secrets that the government must never reveal!
In spite of witnessing countless unexplainable events, Scully remains skeptical of these mysterious occurrences.
Since their first case together, Scully and Mulder have devoted themselves to a common goal: seeking the truth.

DOSSIER: Agent Fox Mulder
Oxford-educated, driven and self-assured, Agent Fox Mulder became a renegade when he decided to investigate THE X-FILES. These mysterious cases had been locked away and deemed "unexplainable" due to their paranormal nature. But Mulder has strong convictions about THE X-FILES, believing that his own sister was abducted by aliens when they were children.
Mulder soon finds a kindred spirit in his partner, Agent Dana Scully when the two fight to expose the truth.

This Special gift set features Barbie and Ken as Special Agents Scully and Mulder. Together they embark on one of the most important investigations of their lives... final proof of everything they've ever believed! Dressed in fashions from THE X-FILES feature film, Scully and Mulder are equipped with authentic badges and credentials.

The truth is out there...
Scully and Mulder must fight
a perilous future to find it...
before it's too late!

As well as the items already mentioned, this gift set also contains two doll stands and a Certificate of Authenticity.

I just couldn't resist sneaking Mulder's beloved poster into this post!


✨Barbie & Ken Star Trek Gift Set (30th Anniversary Gold Label Collector Edition)✨

This set was released in 1996 to coincide with the 30th Anniversary of the original Star Trek T.V Series and is a Gold Label Edition which means each set is numbered and limited to 10,000 or less having been sold Worldwide.

I guess there's really only two types of people that this Barbie and Ken collector set would appeal to; either the kind of  Barbie Collector who loves anything Barbie or a serious Star Trek fan, I'm the type of collector that has very eclectic tastes I also have always loved the original Star Trek T.V Series - it's one of those shows that has been deeply engrained in my psyche since early childhood.

So of course this set really appealed to me and my sense of kitsch the doll collector and overgrown child in me loved the mini "Crew Members" in their authentic outfits and accessories.

While the"Trekkie" and the Artist in me loved the design of the box, colour choice, the image of the S.S Enterprise, the images from the cockpit and of course the cardboard cut-outs of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock and the fact that they have used the writing from the title screen from the original series at the bottom of the box.

Both Barbie and Ken have been produced from their SuperStar moulds used and sold in the 1990's,
( The SuperStar mould was first produced in the 1970's and continued to be produced up until the mid to late 1990's).

Barbie's uniform is modeled on Lt. Uhura's Operations Officer's uniform complete with an Assignment patch with symbol showing her position inside it. She also has the Rank Insignia of her position as Lieutenant around the cuffs of her sleeves.

She has her Federation Starfleet Tricorder which she keeps hung over her shoulder when not in use and can be opened and closed, she also has a Communicator which she holds in her right hand.

Ken's uniform consists of a gold tunic and black trousers which was modeled on the uniform of a Starfleet Command Officer. He also has his Assignment patch on his chest with the symbol illustrating his position as Command Officer inside it.
The cuffs of Ken's sleeves also denote his rank as Commander. He is holding his Phaser in his right hand and his Communicator in his left, when not in use he can place his Phaser in a fabric loop on the side of his shirt which acts as a holster.

This is displayed inside the box as being open and ready for use but I have read Amazon Reviews which state that the Communicators can also be closed, the same review also stated that the dolls both have holes in their hands with which to hold them.

My dolls have not been removed from their box and will not be either as I love the way it displays with the Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock on The Starship Enterprise along with Barbie and Ken that I cannot bring myself to remove them from it.

Their clothes, made of a fabric that looks like felt, but is more than likely to be Xenylon - an algae based fabric, used for Federation Starfleet uniforms until 2268

In keeping with Starfleet dress codes being female Barbie would have had a choice of either a tunic and trouser suit or a dress like outfit with regulation black tights and calf length boots. 

Being Barbie, she chose the latter! 

The back of the box shows Barbie and Ken's regulation accessories and has information on each:

"Specialized state-of-the-art sensing technology available for scientific engineering, scientific and medical applications."

"A personal communications device providing voice transmission from a planetary surface to an orbiting spacecraft and between members of a landing party."

"Handheld weapon used by Starfleet personnel that can be adjusted to a variety of settings including stun, heat and disruption."

Below the photograph is written:

"Join Barbie and Ken as they beam aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the classic Star Trek Series! 

Ready for any mission, Barbie is outfitted with an authentic Star Trek uniform. Her badge and red uniform denote her status as a member of the ship's engineering section. She carries a replica of a tricorder, the multipurpose scientific and technical instrument that incorporates computers, sensors and records in a convenient handheld device. She also carries a replica of a communicator allowing he to contact other Starfleet personnel. Ken wears a gold jersey and badge indicating his position in the Command division. He carries a replica of a phaser - an acronym for PHASed Energy Rectification - which is a directed energy weapon used by Starfleet personnel. 

Lieutenant Barbie and Commander ken join the internationally renowned original crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise: Captain James T. Kirk, First Officer Spock, Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy, Chief Engineer Montgomery "Scotty" Scott, Helmsman Hikaru Sulu, Communications Officer Uhura and Navigator Pavel Chekov on a special voyage. In the 30 years since it first aired, Star Trek has inspired generations of fans with Gene Roddenberry's belief that people of various races, genders and planetary origins can work together to build a constructive future for all mankind."

The box also contains a black plastic stand for each doll with name tag, and Gold Label Certificate of Authenticity.

🦇 Batman & Catwoman Barbie Collector Classic 🦇

My Son is awesome - knowing how much I love the 1960's Batman T.V Series and of course my doll obsession he bought me two presents last Christmas that combine both...

The Batman and Catwoman Collector Classics Barbie and Ken Dolls ... Woohoo!!


They are both Pink Label which according to  means they are  made for Collectors of all ages, not that I care what label these dolls are - they're beautiful works of art!

Batman's box is covered by cartoon imagery as used in the opening sequence of the T.V Series the writing is also from the classic series with those kitsch cartoon flashes that loved to use over Batman and Robin's awesome fight scenes.

And ... just look at that six-pack!

Batman himself is wearing a replica costume to the one Adam West wore right down to is utility belt, some of the colours are a bit off but I can forgive Mattel for that as in all other aspects it's perfect.

You may not know this but Mattel never throw away their moulds even after they've retired the dolls they used them to create this means that any time Mattel want to re release a certain line of dolls they can make an exact replica - minus of course the plastics used at the time.

In the Mattel tradition the faces of this Barbie and Ken have been made from previously retired sculpts. The dolls themselves are reproductions of 1960's Barbie and Ken Dolls... I could be wrong but this appears to be what they did when creating these gorgeous dolls

Catwoman's box design is identical to that of Batman's. As she doesn't wear a cape more of the background art is visible behind her - it is a full cityscape of Gotham with the Bat Signal projecting out into the night sky from behind the buildings and a cartoon depiction of Batman and Robin scaling a wall to the left of her with the aid of The Bat Rope!
Add caption

Catwoman is styled after Julie Newmar's iconic portrayal of the beautiful villainess. She wears the same skin tight catsuit with pixie boots and black opera style gloves with golden claws attached, an eye mask and even the cute little kitten ears poking out from under her coiffed hair.

Her outfit is accessorised with a gold belt worn on the hips and a golden chain, both replicas of the ones worn by Julie Newmar. The claws on her gloves, unlike Julie Newmar's Catwoman are painted on and not individual claws positioned like fingernails.
When her mask is removed Barbie's vintage mould is unmistakable. Her make up is also a reproduction of Julie Newmar's Catwoman, with the same bizarrely styled eyebrows and Egyptian style kohl on her black eyelids with that "flick" at the outside corners that was so fashionable in the 1960's.

The back of both boxes bear this statement: "Batman is the live action, TV cult phenomenon inspired by the DC comics characters of, The Caped Crusader and his sidekick Robin The Boy Wonder formed The Dynamic Duo, together, they battled colourful master criminals. The purrrrfectly mischievous minx Catwoman was a favourite foe sauntering through the TV episodes. Even today, The Batman Legacy continues as dedicated fans tune to The "Same Bat Channel" to watch tales of Gotham City's beloved DC Super Hero."

☼ Studio Uoo - Wanda & Ponda Pond ☼

I've recently placed an order with Studio Uoo...

The first time I tried to buy a Wonder Frog was around a year ago when I had been exploring Wu Studio Online Shop and was about to place a very large order for several full size dolls and accessories but was unable to enter my delivery details into the website's forms as it was only set up for Chinese addresses ...

so I emailed them, explaining the situation, sending a screenshot of my order (of over £150) and requesting help but I never received a reply.
I knew a Flickr friend from Spain had purchased from them and have seen so many in the hands of American collectors so I knew there must be an English language based website from which to order, and if so the non-reply to my email could have been due to the language barrier but it so frustrated me that after fruitlessly searching so many times over the months for this elusive website from which to order so I gave up on the idea of ever owning a Wanda or even better a Greig Marsh.

Full size Grieg Marsh

Fast forward to 23rd March this year and ... I'm not too sure what possessed me, I don't remember actually having anything in mind but I found myself just playing about with Google - I do this sometimes and often when I do I find many interesting things I never knew existed, but anyway this time I absent mindedly found myself searching for Studio Uoo and this time I not only find the website and all manner of adorable things contained therein, sadly most of which were sold out, like my long coveted Greig Marsh Tadpole Doll.

Mini Greig Marsh
The Wanda I've always wanted is the bright green one but more than I wanted the froggy I really wanted the tadpole I've wanted that doll for close on 5 years now and depressingly he was sold out in both the 13+ cm and 5 cm versions.

Mini Ponda Ponds
I had a look through the other 5 cm tadpoles on offer and after spotting Ponda Pond decided on her as she is light coloured enough so that I could more than likely customise or even turn her into a Greig if I want too after I've got to know her a bit.

So now I had a mini tadpole in my basket and I got to thinking "What a great little friend for Mudwamp these little anthro's would make" so I did another search but this time for the mini versions and yay, after noticing that they not only had the green Wanda I love in a mini version but it was also in stock!

Mini Wanda The Wonder Frog

So into the basket that went too! Now comes the worst part of ordering any dolls from The Orient and that's the wait but it can't be helped so they always have the best toys!

Annoyingly, while writing this post I couldn't resist going back to Studio Uoo for another look about well it can't be helped there are so many wants over there and now I know it's possible to purchase from them and stupidly easy too..

So anyway nosing around I discovered something exciting... Guess who's back in stock?

I feel another shopping trip coming on lol now if I can just remember my password...!

❂ Hujoo Suve - Mini Baby Doll ❂

It occurred to me while I was writing my Cojoo post that for some reason I've never gotten around to posting about my chocolate Suve doll after all I've had her for some time now, a couple of years in fact, and was positive that I had already shown her off on my blog... Ho hum

Perhaps it's because I have mentioned her in several other posts, still I guess I should hurry up and get on with it now I've started, so here goes...

Here's the size info' offered by Mimiwoo on the Ebay & Webshop listings:

There are three versions of  Hujoo Baby Dolls to choose from; Suve, Is & Ted.

Ted is the only boy version and is the same size in every way to the two female dolls, in fact the only difference with each of these dolls is their faceplates.

I think the reason I decided on Suve over the other two is because she had a look about her that reminded me of a baby blowing bubbles, especially in the photo below which was used to illustrate the listings 

 Also her eye holes are slightly rounder than the others which makes them look slightly larger, which I like in my dolls, although taking 10mm eyes they're not likely to look particularly big in any of their heads!

 She arrived very quickly as all my orders from Mimiwoo seem to and I immediately gave her the little eyes I had waiting for her and began to give her a bit of a face up, I also named her Ae Sook Aiko.

Then I remembered I hadn't taken any photographs of her so so I laid the little cutie down and went to get my camera..

At the time of her arrival I only had the one Hujoo - Akimoto, and he was itching to meet his new "Little Sister" so I hurried her into some clothes, grabbed her Space Hopper and took her off to meet him.

The two of them got on much better than I hoped. In fact Akimoto absolutely dotes on her and is as protective of her as any good "Big Brother" should be!

❈ Hujoo Baby Cojoo Basic Doll ❈

If you've read my previous post about  Junkyspot Phoebe Anthro Mouse  you probably guessed that it was inevitable that sooner or later I would be adding a Cojoo to my Hujoo family.

I had been holding out for a chocolate skin version but these days they seem impossible to find in the skin tone I want.

In fact my Ebay hunt only produced one, in apricot skin tone on sale in Mimiwoo's.

It seemed to me that I'll never get my hands on the chocolate version and more than likely this apricot skinned one is the only option I'll have to own one.

The more I thought about it, the more I began to see the possibilities this little person represents.

In terms of size Cojoo dolls are 14cm tall. so are slightly larger than Hujoo Baby Dolls.

Their heads are much larger too:15cms ( 6 inches) to Hujoo Baby's 11.5cm (4.53 inches), which is no doubt to accommodate their huge eyes, which are 16mm.

Bodywise they are very similar in terms of aesthetics. They have the look of a very young child but given the size of them in comparison to a Hujoo Baby doll, they are really more the "toddler" version of the Hujoo Family.

As I'm beginning to think I should write a comparison post once he arrives, I'm going to stop with the size differences and just go ahead and list the rest of Cojoo's dimensions, so here goes:

Girth of neck : 4.2cm
Girth of Chest : 7.2cm
Width of shoulders : 2.5cm
Girth of hips : 8cm
Foot size : 1.9cm

I had the idea that as the rest of my human Hujoos are chocolate skin, this little one is really going to stand out amongst them, so to my mind he should stand out not because of his colour but because he is striking looking. The idea came to me that I could always make him albino.

When I was in college I had a friend who is albino and she had skin of a very similar hue to this apricot tone, she also had very long corkscrew permed hair which was so fair as to be almost white, I found it so beautiful and always wanted to find a way to reproduce it, now perhaps I can.

My Son also had an albino friend when he was small, he is the Grandson of my parent's friend and they spent many a happy Summer day playing cricket in his Grandparents farmland. I think with both of them having to be so careful when out in the sun they had a mutual understanding in a way the other children around here had.

I've bought some beautiful white Wensleydale wool which I'm planning to make his or maybe her wig from, it has blonde bits in it too which should greatly help with the "realism"...

I also already have his / her name which is happily unisex; 겨울 일 ( gyeoul il ) or  Winter Sun which I think will suit regardless of the sex of this little personage and is especially apt right now given the state of the weather!

I guess I'll have to keep you posted!

Sunday, 29 March 2015

🌸 Sakura Toffee Doll - UPDATE! 20/03/2014 🌸

A week or so before Christmas  I posted about Toffee Dolls, as I'd just ordered Sakura and was keen to post about my soon to be new doll, well she arrived a couple of days later and OMG it's love!

Here's how she looked when I first got her out of her shipping box and untied the front cover of her book style box to see if I'd been lucky enough to have been sent one in the red kimono that I fell in love with, as I had seen some in pink... well lucky for me, she was exactly the one I wanted!

After removing the outer sleeve that covers her box, I was confronted by a full length viewing pane and found myself looking into two of the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen...

The bottom of  her box contains information on the materials used to make the doll and additional information on the manufacturer "Huckleberry".

The viewing pane opens like a door with Sakura tied safely inside with ribbons.

Behind her is a removable back drop which is great for when you want to take photographs of her or to use as a backdrop for her when displaying her outside of her box.

Between her back drop and the back of her box was her Certificate of Authenticity which shows her number of production.

Toffee dolls are all Limited Editions and Sakura is one of 1,000 dolls sold Worldwide.

The reason why you may see some of these dolls made and dressed in different fabrics to the one I own is due to later editions being produced after the fabrics used to create mine running out!

Huckleberry state on their website that they have limited stocks of these particular fabrics and so differences between advertised dolls and the one you find inside your girl's box once you open her may be different in terms of colour and patterns.

The bottom of Sakura's box also notes (not in so many words) that this may in fact be the case.

Her hair is kept in perfect condition inside a hairnet while her two side long "side bangs" are kept neatly in place wrapped inside plastic tubes.

For added security (to prevent movement during transit) they are held to the sleeves of her kimono using tiny little plastic ties.

Sakura's face and arms look and feel like they are made of porcelain, albeit slightly warmer, but they are in fact made of Polyurethane Plastic.

Her beautiful big eyes are made of acrylic and her face is hand painted.

Her outfit is handmade in traditional style using Japanese fabric.

Her cute little shoes are also handmade from patent faux leather and look so adorable on her dainty little feet.

She also comes with a dainty little stand which is pretty inconspicuous when she is standing up with the help of it.

She arrived very early one morning and after I took the above photographs while deboxing her and I must of ended up having a little sleepy as I awoke to maniacal laughter...

After uploading the photographs I'd taken onto my computer, I had a quick shifty through them and discovered the reason for the insane laughter I'd heard...

Like the big child I am - I'd fallen asleep with my new dolly in my arms only to discover much later that a beardy little imp called Aaron had gotten photographic evidence of the whole affair!