Monday, 4 May 2015

♥♥ Meet Bellyache Makie! ♥♥

About a week ago I received an email from MakieLabs announcing their Spring Sale, which was supposed to continue until the end of April.

The email informed me that at the moment MakieLabs are having a 25% off sale with Free Shipping to U.K & United States on Makie Dolls!

So it seemed to me that the time was right to order my fourth (third - designed by me) and final Makie...

Bellyache was designed on 5th February 2014 but not made real as there was something a bit off about her so I did some tweaking in the Makie Maker changing her hair and eye colours and deciding on her outfit, and here she is; my redhead, pink skinned girl to be...

I purchased her and a Certificate of Creation at the same time and now all I had to do was wait for her to be "Made Real".

While waiting I received another email saying "The Sale has been extended until Midnight on the 4th May"- so there's still time if you're thinking of a purchase. 

In keeping with my other Makie Creations Bellyache is also a pointy eared Fairy Folk. I originally designed her with green eyes and long black hair but when I got-a-tweaking I realised red hair and grey eyes suited her so much better also it gives me a chance to try out "freckles" while I'm giving her a face up.

In case you're wondering the reason I've decided that Bellyache will be my last Makie is because the Makie Maker doesn't have that much choice wise in terms of outfits, wigs or eye colours and as I've created twenty six Makies since 2013 I feel like I've pretty much gone as far as I can with the options available.

There have also been a lot of changes with regards to ability to mix and match individual items of clothing and footwear to make your own unique styles for your dolls sadly though this option went out with the "Alpha Makies" as did some of the extra skin tone options that used to be available .

The clothing options now are very sparse and are matched with a pair of shoes so if you don't like a particular item then you either have to lump it in order to have the items you do like or get rid of it and find a completely different item for your doll.

The wig choices are also not so great, I prefer the long ones which out of thirty eight wigs gives a choice of sixteen.

As I'm also not keen on wigs with fringes, this gives me a total of ten to choose from!

Ten doesn't seem such a bad amount but when you rule out the black, blonde and brown wigs that I find kind of boring and also available to buy in many places online, it leaves six to choose from. 

The choice between them obviously has to take into account the doll's skin tone - of which there are now only four - white, pink, dark and light brown.

Since Pendle is white skinned, Rainy Daze is dark cocoa and Juniper is light cocoa bean, having Bellyache made real n the pink skin tone means I will now have one in each of the colour variations.

In terms of eye colours their have ever only  been a choice of  six to choose from.

 As Pendle was going to be my one and only Makie Doll and is Fairy Folk I chose black eyes for her.

I chose brown for Rainy Daze and Juniper came with a black pair too, of course these are simple enough to change and I do have plenty of spares here but I really would have appreciated some more "funky" colours to choose from as opposed to colours that are available cheaply and very easily found elsewhere online.

I guess grey eyes are also easy enough to find but not as easy as the other colours minus the black of course but since I now have two pairs of them I felt it was a choice between the others and none of the other colours really worked for me.

Like Rainy Daze she will most likely end up with a pair of new glass ones instead.

I guess that's about all I have to say until she arrives and I can do a Makie Maker vs Made Real comparison post.

Take care,