Thursday, 11 August 2016

Lammily Boy Doll & Photographer Update

As I am on the mailing list, I received an email in March from Nickolay over at announcing that there was now a Crowdfunding campaign to try and get backers for a proposed Male Lammily doll, intrigued I couldn't resist going over and taking a look.

He's based on the average size of a 19 year old (American?) man, has rooted hair and articulation at the wrists and ankles.

The first edition comes wearing a check shirt, shorts and a pair of loafers, illustrated box and story pamphlet and like "Traveller Lammily" gives you the option to name him when you use the passport option on site.
As with all Crowdfunding campaigns there were a number of rewards offered to backers based on the amount of their donations.

Four days to the end of the Crowdfunding campaign, I received an email which offered another Backer's reward to the existing ones... The opportunity to be one of the first to receive the boy doll in a bundle with the new (not quite really for release) Photographer doll for a $45.00.

As you know, I'd already preordered my Photographer doll for $25.00 and was patiently waiting for production to finish and shipping to begin, but when I spotted this reward, I thought "Nagdabbit" and so I decided to see if there was any way I could change my Photography girl order to one of the bundle options, cue email dialogue with Nickolay...

I asked him if it was possible to buy the boy doll as an add on to my existing order; he suggested that I order the bundle via the Crowdfunding page, let him know I've done so and he'll cancel my existing preorder for Photographer, the only drawback with this option being that as the male doll wasn't expected to be available for shipping until sometime after 1st November 2016, so I would have to wait until then to receive my Photographer doll.

Well of course I jumped at the chance, yeah I'll have to wait a while longer for my new girl doll, but this way I'd get the two new dolls for $5.00 less than I would have paid, plus I'd be one of the first to own the boy doll on his release!

lammily email

The Crowdfunding campaign was set up with the goal being to raise $70,000 to enable Nickolay to bring his latest creation to life. When the campaign ended 2,500 backers had surpassed that amount by raising a total of $101,358!

Here's another photo' of him in his grundies, just because...

For those of you who missed the Crowdfunding and want to preorder yourself a Boy Lammily for your collection or for the small person in your life, you can find him here:
Since the Crowdfunding campaign ended Lammily have sent several emails which give buyers, backers, etc. the opportunity to have an even greater input into the design of this doll - not the overall design, but the theme which he'll follow such as his name, hobby and personality traits which will be included in the artwork for his packaging and also in his storybook pamphlet.
lammily email

The winning theme which will be used to illustrate his story was "Being in touch with nature" so not only this boy Lammily a more natural shaped guy but he's also got a touch of the Hippies going on...
As you can see from the above chart there were quite a few options

lammily email

A second vote was announced this one was to narrow down the subject field for his hobby... As the votes reflected "Working with animals in need", so the  chances are his story and artwork is going to be full of heart tugging images, but for now I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

Before I go, I guess I should mention that Photographer Lammily is now available for purchase directly from

Lammily email

 As the preorder date has passed, these dolls ship without a production delay, so you can get your beautiful new girl as soon as shipping to your Country allows.

Lammily email
You can find the order page by clicking this link:


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