Sunday, 4 September 2016

Meet Pingie The Chicken Lady!

Since I've been unable to post most in recent months I've been keeping myself busy with making myself some new customs and hybrids when time has permitted.

A while back I posted about my Littlest Pet Shop hybrid minis which were really just test pieces until I could get my hands on a large Littlest Pet Shop animal to make myself a "Barbie" sized version... 

Sorry for the dodgy image it was the only one I could find :(
Well I finally got my hands on one - not a cute little kitty, puppy or bunny as I had envisioned but living in the U.K it's really not easy to find the larger versions so I had to make do with whatever I could find on Ebay.

About a month ago I found several listed (they seem to come in waves - nothing for months, then 5 or 6 come along at once) so I luckily had quite a good choice of "heads" with which to build my new girl to be.

Ebay listing Photo'

I couldn't resist this little purple penguin when I discovered her for sale as I could imagine her on her human body and how cute she'd look so I placed my bid and waited.

Ebay Listing Photo'

Thankfully I won, but as I hadn't gotten my hopes up and allowed my mind to fully explore how I was going to go about turning her into a 12 inch doll, I really hadn't considered what body I would use for her, I decided the best thing to do would be to wait until she arrived and once I have an idea how heavy that head is I'd have a better idea of what type of body would have a neck strong enough to support it.

See what I mean? Those eyes are just adorable.

 I decided to let the body problem wait a while longer as I just couldn't wait to start painting her up with a new "face"!

 Several coats later I finally had her looking just right, sealed the paint job and was still raring to go, only now I had to wait for the paint to dry!!

I experimented with Barbie, Pullip and Obitsu bodies but none of them pleased me, one thing I didn't want was for her to have a long neck, my plan was to try to keep her as proportional as possible, well as proportional as she can be with a big giant head!

I lowered her head slightly before securing it onto her neck as I really have a problem with neck length - don't get me started on "Gail Platt's" giraffe features... Seriously just look at that thing, 

I can't tell if her shoulders are pushed down or if her neck is elongated, or both - either way, it's too much for my little mind to deal with so I guess I better move swiftly on!

Anyhoo, I guess it's time to show you how she turned out now huh?, so without further ado, here she is...


She's a funny little thing, she tries so hard to be stylish and hip but that big head of hers and those chicken features are just too funny for her to be able to pull it off very well, bless!

I finally settled on a Liv body as it had all the posability that a Obitsu one does, but is heavier so is better placed to carry the weight of her head.

The other reason I went with the Liv body is because it is so much easier to dress them, her clothing size is pretty generic and so she can were most Barbie sized clothes, as for shoes, she fits Monster High and Ever After High perfectly so she gets to have a really cool shoe collection!

Another cool thing about those shoes is that they allow her to stand in her pose by herself.  

Also, proportionally she looks pretty good, the bulkier size of the Liv body carries her head size really well.

Now I'm reaching the end of this post, I've finally realised I should probably have taken a "nudie" photograph of her, so you can see that neck of hers and her proportions better, instead of covering it up in that high necked sweater. 

Unfortunately, I really don't have much time right now so another time maybe, for now I think I'll just give you a "before and after" recap instead...

I decided against giving her eyes a "little white dot" to indicate light source as I wanted to highly glaze her eyes instead, that way, the light source which shows in her eyes will move depending on it's direction at the time of the photograph, Which in turn gives a more natural feel to them, if natural is an adequate word to describe a human / chicken faced hybrid lady!

That's about it for now, so until the next time, take care,

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