Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Decisions, Decisions...

I know I promised more Monster High posts and all you've had so far are Pee-wee Herman & Living Dead Dolls, I got a bit sidetracked and started rearranging my blog.

I discovered that I'd mislaid a few Living Dead Doll posts and as I want to make my labels more coherent and and easier to navigate, I've started to go through the vaults to try and find them, what I discovered was a multitude of Living Dead Dolls all in one hot mess of a post with no obvious labels*  and not all of my Living Dead Dolls at that!

*well it was posted quite a few years back, when I was still quite new to the blogging concept (Originally posted on My Site, Multiply under title  My Living Dead Dolls - Yayness!!  Dec 31, '08 11:39 AM), then uploaded to Flickr around the same time, then posted to here too!)

So I decided I'm reposting and reorganizing, so I apologize if you've seen these dolls and photographs before but sadly most of my collection is in storage so I'm not able at present to update many of the older pictures.

Anyhoo, I'll be back on track soon enough - there's hundreds of plastic humans to show off still, hopefully, you'll bear with me and stick around!


P.S That Schitzo close up photograph doesn't belong to me I cropped it from somewhere, sadly it's been so long I don't recall where... If it's your's congratulations on owning such a gorgeous little guy, and please accept my apologies for the photo theft... Come to think of it, I'm not sure the other mini close ups are mine either, my camera was absolutely pants at the time.
So if you recognise your pic's, let me know and I'll credit you, hugs again, Herbie x 

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