Sunday, 2 March 2008

Hello Blog World!!

I've seen many blogs on the internet over the years and thought to myself "Hmmm, I could so do that, I've got loads to say!! But well now I come to start one I'm sitting here thinking "Arrrgh...Where to start?"
Seems so long since I did anything interesting enough to blog about but well maybe you'll be interested in some of the things I have been writing about recently.

I discovered Squidoo yay and made a few lenses. One on Terry Pratchett's Discworld books, not as comprehensive as I would have liked but damn there are just so many of them, I'd be writing the world's longest lens if I did!

How to survive a Zombie Attack, strangely this lens seems to be of great interest. I wrote a short essay on how the yBa changed the concept of Art as we knew it... I'm pretty up on Art, being an artist myself and the proud owner of a B.A in Fine Arts, so maybe there will be some blogs on that in future.

I was planning to train as a Secondary School Art Teacher but well, I'm not too sure any more, not because of the a Art side or even the Teenagers - I'm pretty good with both!
It's just that after a recent visit to my Son's school - Yep I'm the mother of a teenager, wow I can hardly believe that one myself! - It was just when I came into contact with the Teachers there I found myself thinking "These people are nothing like me...How the hell can I spend all day with just these to talk to?" so looks like I'm back to working out my next career move...ah well

Anyway, my Squidoo lenses - the final one is a how to on doll hair re-rooting...I make Ooak (one of a kind dolls) although not the kind that most people want!

Damn it that's the problem with my Painting too...people want it in their houses but they just don't want to pay for it to be there...yeah like My Son and I don't need to eat!!!

I've just realised how therapeutic writing this is and yay it's given me loads of ideas on what to blog about next...So just watch this space people!

Take Care y'all,
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