Monday, 22 October 2012

Eye Change Doll Comparisons - Blythe, Little Big Eyes, Beauty Cuties & Diva Starz

Another request from Lorraine over at Dolls More Dolls, this time she wanted to see the differences between  my Colour Change Eyed Dolls face plates, so I took some and here they are!

Since I  originally posted these pictures in Dolls More Dolls on Multiply, in 2009, there have been a lot more "Colour Change Eye Dolls" or "CCE's" as they are sometimes know, so  guess at some time soon, I should spend a while and do a few more comparison posts on what;s available now...

Top Left: Blythe

Top right: Little Big Eyes

Bottom Left: Beauty Cuties

Bottom Right: Diva Starz

Diva Starz by Mattel, Circa 2000 - Now Retired.

(As far as I'm aware not all Diva Dolls have changeable eye colour, the Barbie-size one talks, but doesn't have eye colour change option, I have a little one, that does tho'...the way it works is you twist the head from side to side and the eye colour changes!)

At the time of this post being posted in Dolls More Dolls, I didn't have any Diva Starz dolls, except a small one which I had purchased but it hadn't arrived at the time! I had never even seen the doll up close, so I was unable to really comment, I included these dolls in the post though as I was aware some had the "Colour change eye" function.

Photo was taken from an Ebay listing as I didn't have Diva Starz doll at the time, but as it was on Lorraine's "Show me List" I had to include them somehow! I guess I should really get around to photographing my own ones and re-doing these photos at some point, but now for a while I'm afraid!

                                     "Rockabelle" - Beauty Cutie By Mattel 2007 - Now retired

Beauty Cutie: Her head's larger than Blythe’s, her body is so much smaller too...this makes these dolls kinda top-heavy lol

Change eye colour by pressing the top of the head, the eyes change from side-glance brown, to forward blue (with purple dots and green stars!), side-glance purple and side-glance green, though the colours and eye-pattern varies slightly between dolls.

When bought boxed The Beauty Cuties come with a selection of cosmetics and hair extensions and a stand.

The dolls come in a choice of 3 hair colours..

Rockabelle is blonde.

Glamalina is brunette.

Lovelylu is auburn.

Points to note... The eye change mechanism makes a weird noise when pressed...

The doll's feet are large and oddly shaped so unless you have the original shoes for her, you may have trouble finding replacements.

The doll's body is very small so Barbie clothes won't fit, some Bratz ones do though!

These dolls are brilliant to photograph although due to their large & weighty head they do need to be positioned carefully!

Aston Drake Galleries In The Medieval Mood Reproduction Blythe

Aston Drake Galleries reproduction Blythe dolls have the draw string on back of the head, which you pull for eye colour changes. This doll is an exact replica of the original 1972 Blythe Dolls made and distributed by Kenner, but much cheaper.

The first 4 ADG Blythe doll range where made in 2005 - 2006, using the original moulds used by Kenner for their Blythe dolls, the line of dolls is also the same with their original outfits and names also reproduced. The boxes are also an exact replica of the original Blythe doll Boxes, they come with a Certificate of Authentication. In 2007 a second release of 5 more "Original Blythe" reproductions, again for one year only,and are never to be reproduced again.

Dolls in this range: 
In The Medieval Mood - Brown Haired
Pleasant Peasant  - Blonde Haired.
Aztec Arrival - Black haired
Flower Power - Red Haired

Some Blythe Dolls (Made by Hasbro and Takara) have the big button at the back of the head this is the same as Little Big Eyes / Designer Girls, eye change mechanism.

Little Big Eyes By Streetwise Designs... Also Designer Girls

Produced for less than 1 year, in 2001, discontinued (for legal reasons)

STREET WISE DESIGNS Produced these dolls.

The eye colours are very similar to Blythe dolls, the difference being that the change is made by pressing the large button on the back of the head, instead of using a pull string.

These dolls were marketed under the name Little Big Eyes But there are also the exact same dolls by the same company marketed under the name Designer Girls...Both are now sadly Retired.

There are mini versions available although  quite rare, but personally I don't like them...the faces are different to the  12 inch dolls and the eyes do not change colour.

Series 1 Hair Colour variations: Cerise, Purple, Black, Bright Yellow.

Series 2 Hair Colour Variations: Auburn, Blonde, Light Brown, Dark Brown ...

Series 2: Also has a Dark Skinned version of this doll...

All face moulds are identical in both series and skin tones.

Whats Her Name - Fab Faces Doll By Mattel
2002 - Now Retired...
Instead of the stamps and markers used for previous "What's Her Face" lines, these Dolls have a traditionally painted face, and come with three different snap-on face masks painted with different expressions.
Eye Colour and Expression is changed by pressing a button on the back of her head.

The dolls have articulated elbows and knees, and an improved hip joint that allowed them to cross their legs when seated.

They each came with two streaked wigs, and their costumes could be decorated by using small button-like beads to add rows of lace, fur, or fringe.

The feet are larger than Barbie's and flat so it is not easy to get shoes in the right size :(

She comes with face masks so you can change her expressions... I could only remember where I put 2 of them in time for the photos though!