Saturday, 3 November 2012

1970's Girl's World Styling Head by Palitoy

The Vintage Girl's World, sold in the mid to late 1970's, was a Brunette or Blonde Model Hair & Make Up Styling Head with suction caps on the base, so enable it to stand on a table top, and hold still whilst little hands style her hair and practice make up techniques on her face with the make up and hair curlers included.

She also had an extra length of hair inside the head, a small handle on the side of the base was turned to either make the hair grow or shrink back into the head, allowing her "stylist" to change her hair style / length without resulting to a pair of scissors! it could also be washed and styled using "human products" without much damage to the hair itself.

The "styling head" came in a box which also contained an instruction booklet; with details of how to use and  styling Ideas Leaflet containing "Make up and \hair styling Tips".

Also included was 12 Rollers with Elastic "Pin", Hair Net, Hair Grips and several items of Make-Up:

1 Brown eyeliner pencil, 1 Black eyeliner Pencil, Blusher, Blue and Green Eye Shadow Crayons, False Eyelashes, 2 Lipsticks, Hair Colour Applicator Pens; 1 Brush, 1 Comb, 1 bottle of Shampoo and 1 of Hair Conditioner

The Brunette version is much rarer, she came with all the same items as the blonde and worked in exactly the same way.
Both originally came with  black chokers around their necks, which was decorated with a circular clasp. 

                           Occasionally you can still find them with these, like the one below.

My own Girl's World is the Blonde Version, I bought her without a box or accessories. When I got her her hair stunk of cigarettes so I had to wash it, it was pretty gross as it turned the water yellow!

 Thankfully there was no lasting ill effects and her hair now, not only looks great, but is in very good condition and not at all stinky anymore!

Here She is:


Sioux said...

Omg! I used to have a Girls World. That Box brings back so many memories! lol. Funny though - I've always been convinced that my GW looked like Leslie Judd. Not so, it seems ><

Herbie Hopkins said...

Lol Sioux, That's pretty weird as I've always thought the Horsman Styling Head from 1971 - looks like her!! Good ol' Leslie what a trooper and so glamorous too!

Peppermint Snowdrift said...

What a cool styling head! I think that she looks something like an Olde West "good time gal" on the box, but that she looks pretty decent in real life.

That collar-type choker is very late-1970s "Olde West" chic, like those worn by the mid-1990s Cut N' Style Barbie dolls!

This styling head is more detailed than the 1971 styling head by Horsman, right, with regards to the fact that it arrived with more accessories?

Herbie Hopkins said...

Hi Kitty, I have no idea, I'll have to check that out!!

Wells said...

I had a Girls World whose eye colour changed when you tipped her sideways but I can't find any evidence she even existed! Help, anyone? 😊

thegladsatsuma said...

I had one of those, but googling just brought me here!