Thursday, 8 November 2012

Midnight Magic Dolls

Hmmm... what can I say? as a competitor to MH or even a cheaper alternative these girls don't come close, I'm sure if one was given as a gift instead of a Monster High doll that was expected or even begged for, these girls just wouldn't cut it at all.... a cheaper alternative with similar proportions for Custom work or as Practise dolls, I reckon these girls would be pretty good.... now I'm just hoping we get them in the shops over here as the import costs via ebay make them roughly the same price, and in some cases dearer than going to Argos and buying the real thing, and let's be honest, why buy one of these if you could buy the real thing for the same money or cheaper??

That said, I'm very interested in them, I'd love to be able to hold one out the box and see how she compares, and as they don't have all the "themed" face and body art of Operetta or Frankie Stein they are pretty much a blank canvas.

The only thing I do find weird is some of the choices made in terms of skin tone, it seems to me that going from left to right (see pic below), the skin tones are made to resemble Ghoulia, Lagoona, Draculaura & Frankie Stein.

                             Dolls names are (left to right) Pippa, Mila, Adele & Kayley.

Boxed Pippa

Ok so I get it that she's most likely supposed to be a zombie, but why is her skin such a dark shade of grey, it looks crazy!
Back of Pippa's Box

I have to admit, I do really like the boxes, the shape of them and the colours of this one especially.
Boxed Kayley
Back of Kayley's Box
Boxed Mila
Back of Mila's Box

Back of Adele's Box

(Images of boxed dolls, found on Ebay)

The writing on the back of the boxes gives the "story" behind the dolls and reads as follows:

"Midnight Magic day & Night - The Midnight Magic saga begins in the small town of Johnsville, in Nowhere, USA.  

It is June and a very special event is taking place for four intelligent, daring young ladies. Audra, Melanie, katie and Patty are graduating from grade school and are going to be attending Park View High School in the Fall. 

The girls have been best friends since Kindergarten and are very excited to be graduating and attending High School. Melanie, the leader of the group suggests that they all take a Summer School class in order to get a jumpstart on their studies and to get acclimated to High School classes as quickly as possible.  

They all have a high aptitude in Science and so they enrol in a Chemistry Class.  It is very unusual for Freshmen to be taking this type of advanced class but the girls tested so well that the instructor decided to make an exception. 

The instructor of the class is the brilliant but odd Professor Sparks. The girls are very hard workers and volunteer for extra work with the Professor for extra credit. 

The Professor is working on a number of different projects and being absent minded he leaves one of his experiments in the school laboratory.  

Patty, the most curious of the four decides to take a sip of the concoction that the Professor has  left out.  She also convinces Audra, Melanie and Katie to take a sip as well. 

The concoction turns out to be a formula that is supposed to make your skin soft and smooth, instead the formula transforms the girls, totally changing their looks and giving each one a supernatural power.

 This transformation takes place every night at Midnight, however it only lasts until dawn.

                                                    Audra becomes Adele.
                                                    Melanie transforms into Mila.
                                                    Katie becomes Kayley.
                                                    Patty transforms into Pippa.

I've had a look around the website, address above, but it appears to still be under construction, not all the links work, sadly.

                                   Here's a few pictures I've taken from there...

Don't quote me on this but my guess is Pippa is based on Ghoulia Yelps, Mila on Lagoona, Adele on Draculaura & Kayley on Clawdeen. I have no idea what the dumbbells clipart is about, but I had to chuckle at the owl and cat clip art on this site, Ghoulia & Clawdeen references anyone?!


Coffin lockers...hmmm now where have I seen them before?!

Oh a "brainy" one, wow now that's original!
Dumbbells and Angel's wings ok, you've got me there! 
I suspect the wings might be a reference to C.A Cupid, but the dumbbells? Not a clue.
It's funny because they seem to have taken "inspiration" from several of the Monster High Dolls, and made dolls to look very similar to specific ones, but when it comes to "personality" from what I can gather from the website's doll pages, they seem to have mixed and matched aspects of different Monster High dolls and combined them to make each doll's "story"

As for what the individual "stories" are and which doll has which specific "Supernatural power" (possibly as evidenced by her appearance?) I have no idea as this area of the Website is also unavailable due to yet another "dead link" on the site.

Sadly the link to view Pippa doesn't work at present, so I could only get screenshots of three of the dolls.

From the research I've been doing on other sites, these dolls seem to have the same body size, shape and articulation, or as close as damn it, to the Monster High Dolls, although they are slightly taller. their feet slightly wider and their backs have a deeper curve.

These dolls are currently being sold in stores such as Target & Dollar Store and Walmart in the US for $5.00 each!

I gather that the price is somewhat consistent with the quality of the dolls, that said, they are not flimsy and easily broken as you might expect for the price, although this may be because I have yet to here how they hold up to play and they are definitely much prettier than the "Gothic Angels" Monster High Clones (if you can really call them that!) on the market.

As soon as they become available in the UK (without the shipping costs) I'll definitely get one or a few to customise!


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I love Midnight Magic

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Have you seen this girls dolls? it's creepy stuff,make these look like barbie!