Sunday, 30 September 2018

🦇 The Osbournes: Ozzy Osbourne Talking Doll & Maggie the dog 🦇
Being a life long Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne fan, I was pretty intrigued when I heard the announcement that The Osbournes would be shown on TV, starting in 2002.

I was really looking forward to finding out more about Ozzy in a way that TV /Magazine Interviews and concerts just cannot provide.

I guess the old adage, be careful what you wish for is very true as when I got the chance I watched a couple of episodes and discovered a complete clusterf**k of dysfunctionality that really brought Ozzy Osbourne down in my estimation...

 I hated his wife and children too and found that he is not only away with the pixies permanently but he also has a talentless family who've made their careers based on the fact he is their Husband or Dad, that he likes to take potshots at live chickens and he lives in a big house that must stink of dog shite and piss...

 oh how the mighty had fallen.

So for many years I was so disheartened by what I'd seen on that show that I didn't bother following him or the show until a couple of years back when I spotted a cheap Ozzy Osbourne Talking Doll in a box on ebay... It looked so much like him and came with a cute little dog so I couldn't really resist!

The box is pretty tatty, but that doesn't really matter, I bought it as more of a curio anyway.

It was made in 2002 as merchandise for that horrendous show by Fun 4 All Corporation - Incidentally the same corporation who collaborated on the huge awesome Bark at The Moon doll by Art Asylum that I blogged about a couple of days ago, if curious, you can view that post here.

I decided to not remove him from the box as for now I'd like to keep him in perfect condition, so I removed the outer sleeve for these photo's so I can check him over better.

His head, calves to feet and just above the elbow to hands are all vinyl the rest of his body is soft padded over wire so he can be posed. His outfit is fabric and of pretty good quality.

His head is fixed in position and the sunglasses don't seem to be removable but the detail on his face mode is really good under them. He really does look like Ozzy.

As he's a talking doll, I recorded his phrases so you can hear the wise words he has to say!

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Living Dead Dolls: The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse - Pestilence

A couple of years back I wrote a post about my The Four Horseman of The Apocalypse War Living Dead Doll, if you want, you can read the post here.

I wanted Pestilence as well but didn't manage to get hold of him until today... 

I'm now thinking I'd like to get Famine to go with them both, I like Death but don't really need him to complete the set as I have The Kiss of Death who although he isn't part of the series and doesn't come with the cute little 'obby 'oss accessory, does come in a very cute Kissing Booth box and reminds me so much of Terry Pratchett's Death from his Discworld series of books, that to me he's so perfect, no other Death could be better.

I've just read that sentence back and it sounds so morbid, but for you, the initiated, I'm sure you understand what I mean!

Anyway, here's my new little guy..

 Once thing that drew me to him is his little "Plague Doctor" mask, I have a fascination for Plague Doctors, it's a crazy idea but in those days understanding of medicine and deceases was no way near as advanced as it is nowadays, so the belief that a long nosed mask with a posy of nice smelling flowers in the end of the nose would somehow protect a person from The Plague, wasn't as daft sounding as it is to our modern ears.

If you'd like to read about Plague Doctors, you can find a interesting article on their history, costume and practices here..

The Living Dead Doll version wears a long floor length coat and big boots to protect him from air borne deceases, a cute little tricorn hat and an unfortunately flimsy white plague mask ... handle this with kid gloves..

Being a "Horseman" he has his little horse in the form of a traditional British "'Obby 'Oss" which like him has apparently caught The Plague or some other nasty and is covered in lesions from the deceases he's been contaminated with.

It seems, from the close up of this poor little guy's face, that he has caught a big nasty.. he's breaking out in buboes and pustules and looking decidedly peeky, which of course make me love him!!


<(^_^)> Pinkie Cooper doll by The Bridge Direct <(^_^)>

When The Bridge Direct released their Pinkie Cooper range of dolls in the U.K, I of  course wanted one.
 "Dem dam anthro' dolls get me every time"!

I got my hands on a Pinkie Cooper 2014 just to check them out, the plan was to re-body if I wasn't happy with her...

Well Pinkie arrived safe and sound and after I deboxed her I started to rethink my custom ideas, her body is adorable but more about later...

After playing "dress up" with her I realized I like her best in a Monster High C.A.M dress and Skuller Maze boots - Dolls in roller skates are another of my weaknesses!

The more I played with her the more I kept seeing her as a rabbit, the ear (hair) holes would be useful for this project too, so I determined to buy another so I could make myself a rabbit and also have a perfect Pinkie Cooper too... Well it's taken a while -too many dolls, too little time and all that but I finally got another so work could now commence.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Living Dead Dolls: Series 32 - Butcher Boop

A while back I saw some promo' photos of possible new releases of Living Dead Dolls on Parry Game Reserve, taken at the New York Toy Fair in 2008.
Being the horror film buff I am and having a thing for crazy cannibal families I couldn't help get excited for the release of this awesome Leatherface in his "Pretty Woman" mask, based on the "Dinner Scene" from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre film from 1974.

I thought he'd look so awesome next to The LDD Exclusives version of Leatherface Aaron bought me a few years ago...

Just look at this little guy, isn't he adorable?
He even has a bloody cut on his leg from the end of the 1974 film when he almost cut his leg off with his own chainsaw!

I just had to have him, unfortunately he never was released to my knowledge so his presence on my toy shelf wasn't to be.

Some time later I saw a new release from Living Dead Dolls who was definitely based on my dream doll, although not exactly the same.

This time it was a female doll, with a weird name with conjures up images of both Leatherface and Betty Boop, a very strange combination, which oddly works really well.

She has the wild black hair of Betty Boop, but also of The Original Leatherface, is wearing a cool leather apron just like he wore in the butchering scenes of the original film, covered in blood as it should be and a bloody shirt. 

Being a girl, she's wearing a long dress instead of trousers, but she does have some awesome big boots to go with it!

Her face isn't so great in my opinion, they did a better job on The Kiss of Death and Death versions of their Living Dead Dolls...

That said, the next step was to find that awesome mask of hers so I could display her in all her glory. 

I found it at the back of the cardboard inner, and had to try it on her straight away.

It's quite flimsy feeling and is textured on the front as a lot of photo's I've seen of her online seem to indicate and I have to say she looks so much better when wearing it!

Wearing her mask she looks much more like Leatherface in his "Pretty Woman" mask, especially with her leather apron on.

When I read her Death Certificate, I noticed something odd about it... The Death year is listed as 1926 but the Listing for her in The Living Dead Doll Archives shows it as being 1918...

Personally, I think I would have gone for 1974 to tie in with the release of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but what do I know? 

 They must have had a reason for both of these dates, although what they are I have no idea or why they put a different one on the Death Certificate.

I also love the fact that the poem listed on it is another reference to good old Leatherface and his family!

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Living Dead Dolls Presents Scary Tales Vol.1: The Big Bad Wolf

Living Dead Doll's Big Bad Wolf is one half of a two doll set (sold separately) which take the form of one of the World's most famous Fairy Tales - Little Red Riding Hood by The Brother's Grimm, they were released to coincide with the 13th Anniversary of the birth of Living Dead Dolls.

In true Living Dead Dolls style Little Red Riding Hood has been given a Gothic makeover and the, who in the best part of the story has dressed as Red Riding Hood's Grandma, in an attempt to trick and eat her is wearing Granny's nightdress and bonnet which are covered in poor old Granny's blood after he's made a delicious meal of her!

Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf were the first two dolls produced in the Scary Tales series of exclusives, which now numbers six and a half Volumes. 

Out of the two dolls in Vol.1, my favourite is The Big Bad Wolf, he's just so adorable with his little face painted to look similar to Lon Chaney jr's iconic Wolf Man, minus the Granny Glasses that is!
After taking him out of his box and checking him over I noticed two very cool things... 

He has a very long and soft tail, and even better, it's wired so it can be placed in different positions to make him even more posable.

I couldn't help wanting to know what he looked like under the nightdress, yeah I know that sounds pretty bad, but I wanted to know if the fur completely covered him body, although I suspected it didn't...

So here he is nakie, as suspected the fur doesn't completely cover his body, it looks more like leg and warm warmers than wolf-like fur!

Even though he isn't completely fur covered, he does have some other very cool things going for him...

His fingers are long and clawed to look more bestial and tipped with cute black little talons and matching black toenails.

He also has balled joints at his shoulders, but not on his hip joints, and his head is on a ball joint, both of which allow for much better posability.

I checked him out on Amazon and found four for sale, the prices he's going for on there are pretty crazy... which I guess probably means he is getting quite hard to find.

Luckily I find mine for £24.00 - 3, 5 and 9 times cheaper than on Amazon, so I guess it goes to show he can be found at a nicer price than on Amazon so my advice to anyone wanting their own little Wolfie is avoid Amazon and keep searching, if it's to be, you'll find him!


Alice Cooper Welcome to my Nightmare 18 inch Doll by Art Asylum

In 2001 Art Asylum released their 18 inch "talking" Alice Cooper doll, dressed in a red coat, removable grey top hat, black "leather" trousers and  has a cane as an accessory.

I've been after this doll for around 6 years, they are pretty rare now and if found they normally come with quite a hefty price tag.

So I was pretty pleased to find one for sale recently that wasn't a King's Ransom and even more pleased to actually win him!

His box is pretty tatty but seeing as he cost so little I'm not going to complain about that, I love Alice Cooper and I'm so pleased I finally got my hands on my very own Alice Doll!

I love how much the doll looks like him, Art Asylum did a really good job on this doll and his clothing is of very good quality too...

After seeing the awesome job they did on their Bark at The Moon Ozzy Osbourne 18 inch doll I was expecting Alice to be a quality, and easily posable doll... They didn't disappoint!

When the button on his stomach is pressed, he plays a short section of music and vocals from "Welcome to My Nightmare"...

As you can tell from the above video I didn't press him in the right place the first couple of times, so please forgive my "Come on Alice, you twat" intro at the start of the video...  I was getting frustrated with him!

The Willow Game - By Tor Books 1988

Like a lot of children who grew up in the 1980s I loved the film Willow starring Val Kilmer and Warwick Davies amongst others, It's right up there with Legend, The Never Ending Story, Troll and The Labyrinth on my list of all time favourite live action fantasy films from my childhood.

So when I spotted the board game I never even knew had been made, in a Charity Shop for £1.00 back in the late 1990's.

I just had to have it - turned out I got very lucky, the game was not only complete but in perfect condition!

The game differs slightly from the film in that the background of how Elora Danan, the baby of the prophecy came to be in the Nelwyn (Dwarf's ) village and instead begins at the point where the Nelwyn Willow Ufgood begins his quest to take the foundling child back to the Daikini (humans), where he feels she belongs.  

Queen Bavmorda -

In the game he is already aware that the child is the subject of the prophecy and will if not caught by the evil Sorceress Queen Bavmorda, become the Empress of Tir Asleen and end the Sorceress' reign of evil.

Nockmaar -

Before you start the game you must chose which side you want to be on; Good or Evil...

If you choose Good then you must protect the baby from the Evil Queen and her minions and take her to safety.

 If you chose Evil then you must find and capture the baby and take her to Castle Nockmaar where Queen Bavmorda resides.

General Kael -

The players on the Evil side, who's job it is to discover which player on the side of Good is hiding the baby, spend the game hunting for The child and fighting the players on the opposing side in order to capture the baby and take her back to their Queen.

As the game is set in a Land of Magic it is possible that during the course of the game Transformation Cards may be played which could find you being transformed into a Possum, Pig or even the fierce, two headed, fire breathing dragon known as an Eborsisk.

Eborosisk -

The game is for 2 to 6 players, and you may play one or more characters from the film. One of the players on the side of  Good has the task of keeping the baby safe during game play.

The Good characters begin the game much weaker than those on the side of Evil, but as the game progresses they become stronger by finding Places of Power and Treasures which enable them to free captive prisoners who will in turn help them to protect Elora Danan, this is one way the side of Good can win the game. 

The other way to win is to become so powerful that they can defeat Queen Bavmorda in combat.