Thursday, 19 March 2015

Makies Forum News & Makie Doll Sewing Patterns

Yesterday I decided I'd go and have a nose around The Makies Blog and I discovered that The Forum is about to be closed down! 

Makielab suggested removing any images etc that members would like to keep before the forum becomes completely unusable, so I decided I'd download the sewing patterns the team put up to make sure I had a backup in case anything happens to my hard copies.

While doing so it dawned on me that possibly not everyone with a Makie had joined the Forum and therefore may not of had access to these patterns so I decided to link to them here for anyone who may wish to use them.

Please bear in mind that these patterns come under a Creative Commons License  in the words of Rikke (one of the Makielab Elves) who clarified what this means "The Creative Commons licence depicted in those circles is actually the “Attribution (BY) - Non commercial (NC) - Share alike (SA)” CC BY-NC-SA 3.0  which suggests you should tell where you got the pattern, not use it commercially and if you do adapt this pattern you must share it with similar licence (= make it a free pattern, not sell). 

He went onto say: "I found that really confusing so we extracted these words from our Alice:“This license means you can’t commercially sell this actual pattern. What you make with it however - those garments are yours to do with as you wish. Have fun!”
Now I've got the legal bit out the way, onto the patterns, but before I do, a quick note...

The following images are previews - enlarging them for print may make your pattern the wrong size - below each preview I have added a link to the PDF of the pattern, I am not sure how long these links will be supported, it is possible that once the Forum is closed, these links may go along with it...

If this is the case please contact me and I'll update the links...

1) Cape Pattern for Makie Dolls:

2) Hoodie Pattern for Makie Dolls:

3) Jeans Pattern for Makie Dolls:

4) T- Shirt Pattern for Makie Dolls: (N.B: Images are identical - links are different)

5) Dress Pattern for Makie Dolls:

The great thing about these patterns is they are all so versatile and easily adapted to make other items and patterns from, also they fit both male and female dolls with no need for tweaking :3

Oh I forgot, here's a chart stating Makie Measurements for anyone who would like to try their hand at designing their own clothes for Makie:



Anonymous said...

I was able to access all of the Makies patterns except the jeans. Is it possible to make that link work?

Herbie Hopkins said...

Hi Anon,
Sorry for the very late reply, I've only just found your comment.
I've fixed the link so you shouldn't have any problems with it now, if you do though, drop me a line and I'll mail it to you instead.
Hugs, Herbs x

Unknown said...

Hey, I'm trying to reach out to trusted make collectors to try and sell my adorable coco makie doll. Unsure if these is the right site to do so! However if anyone sees this and is interested please let me know!