Wednesday, 31 December 2008

My Doll Art!

Hey Peeps..

I had the crazy idea that I can showcase my artwork on here seeing as my 3 websites really need some work and meh...haven't had much time of late...

The first few pieces I am putting up on here probably should come with a WARNING lol sad but true...As they have been known to cause offence???

Ahem... it's only dolls but anyway, they have also been known to make people believe I have issues and need a hug?

"Er No...If you really wanna help me...give me more"
but anyway I digress, so here's the rub...the works I'm placing up on here will only be viewable to direct contacts of mine.

If the sight of doll blood upsets you...please don't view the images...If you do go out of your way to view them...please don't get all upset because well you had the choice didn't you?

I think that about wraps it up? so erm...enjoy...maybe!!

To Be Continued ...

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