Thursday, 4 September 2008

BRATZ BABYZ Just got a whole lot cooler!!!

I found 2 of these Bratz Babyz on my travels, one had no hair pieces - such a stupid idea making them removable - why did MGA do this? 

Unless you were able to swap and change these with different styles etc, it seems to daft to me, but I digress, the other girl had one out of the three she should have had... 

While I was checking them over and deciding if I want to take them home with me or not, by now the idea I could most likely sell them on had taken hold... my Muse appeared and showed me what they could become, so of course I bought them both, took them home and began work with a bit of artistic tweeking.

At the time I was very new to the idea of customising, but as the three-bunch girl had issues with her eye transfers, I decided she would be a good place to start, but oddly i didn't start with her as I'd already had some ideas for little miss two bunch and so...

I removed her eye make up and replaced it with "Snakes Eyes", then I started on her hair, adding cobalt blue streaks, by this time I'd already decided I was going to buy some blue dyed wool yarn and give her some CyberGoth style Dread Falls!
I finished the first one today...(the original is on the right of the above image) and couldn't wait to show her 

The hardest part was making some clothes for her, but I decided to add onto her t-shirt (the only item of clothing she came to me with) and made a skirt, and some lace arm warmers.
I'm currently working on her twin, and will be posting the pic's just as soon as she's finished. Then I'll continue with my plan to sell th

I made her some earrings (she didn't have any of them either) and some "lipstick" and then, I fell in love with her myself, so the idea of actually selling her on went out the window After all I get a feeling that animal eyed cyber-goth Bratz dolls are kinda rare!!

I gave her "nail varnish" and then coated all the painted areas with several coats of varnish to keep it safe and chip-free.

Check out her dad falls!!

I combined the yarn with some black hair extentions sold for humans, I think it works really well, and I'm quite pleased with the earrings too, but ...

I didn't think the dress worked very well at all, and so I made a pattern, then made them both some new dresses.

 But I'll tell you about that, and show you both the completed dolls in a later post!