Saturday, 6 December 2008

Ooak Vintage Strawberry Shortcake / Custard Doll

strawberry as bought

Ooak Punk Barbie...Latest work in progress

I made her some tartan bondage trousers, repainted some doll boots black (sealed them of course) made her a "padlock" necklace, nose to ear chain and gave her some make up.

Her outfit is still not finished as I'm planning on making her a straight jacket due to the fact I used an unwanted Barbie I found in a Charity shop to make her and duh I never considered that her hands (pre chewed with love by the child who used to own her) would spoil the finished doll, but as she was really an experiment at first, I just didn't consider it at all... now I have though, I've got to find a way of hiding this *sigh*

I'll update when I'm finally finished...