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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Worm Kewpie Phone Charm


Another very cute but very weird phone charm from, sadly this one is also sold out :(

Ebay Listing where I found the picture, read:  "This auction is for a "Sperm/Worm Kewpie Doll" cell phone strap hanger figure. Made in Japan by Buildup. Measures an adorable 3cm tall.
Condition: The figure is in original sealed/unopened condition. 2006"

Sadly, there where way too many bidders, or I would have tried my luck...oh well another time maybe, for now, he will remain firmly on my WishList!

My Doll Art!

Hey Peeps..

I had the crazy idea that I can showcase my artwork on here seeing as my 3 websites really need some work and meh...haven't had much time of late...

The first few pieces I am putting up on here probably should come with a WARNING lol sad but true...As they have been known to cause offence???

Ahem... it's only dolls but anyway, they have also been known to make people believe I have issues and need a hug?

"Er No...If you really wanna help me...give me more"
but anyway I digress, so here's the rub...the works I'm placing up on here will only be viewable to direct contacts of mine.

If the sight of doll blood upsets you...please don't view the images...If you do go out of your way to view them...please don't get all upset because well you had the choice didn't you?

I think that about wraps it up? so erm...enjoy...maybe!!

To Be Continued ...

Some of my Barbies...Yep I do have some...shock horror!!!

Repro Bargin Barbie!

I Bought this little lady on Ebay a few months back...she was nude but I'd already fallen in love with the dress and bought it with matching shoes for Blythe to wear lol when I got this Barbie I just had to give her this dress instead!
I paid £1.99 for her...woot, the seller said she had a slight split to one of her ears, but when I got her home and checked her out I found out it was a hair that had got wrapped around her earring lol happy me!
She reminds me of my cousin Lorna lol lucky Lorna looking like this doll!

I've named her "Retro Lil'"

She's an exact replica of one Mattel's Ponytail Barbe range of dolls from the 1960s, Like the original she came in a cardboard box, wearing a black and white stripy swimsuit and sunglasses.

This Barbie is from the Expressions of India Series. She's the Special Edition. Roopvathi of Rajasthan Barbie - from 1998.

The word Roopvathi means "Beautiful Lady" which I think sums her up!

Rajasthani Barbie

Dress made to resemble the traditional clothing worn by women in Rajasthan.

I've never taken her out of the box, I keep thinking about it, but still haven't been brave enough yet!

The whole premise of this series is that Barbie has visited India and fallen in love with the Traditional clothing the women wear ... although that doesn't explain why her hair has turned black and judging by the Bhindi in the centre of her brow, she has also got married!!

Still I'm not knocking it...this series of dolls are really beautiful.

(Sale Photo)

Part of the 1998 Dolls of the World series...This one is the Native American Pow Wow Barbie

I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw her...She's one of the Dolls of The World series from the early 1990s.

Pow Wow version - with "buckskin" dress, unfortunately she doesn't have her turquoise feather in her hair and is also missing the neck sash :(

she didn't come with a box, but she does have her original silver ring and earrings.

This Chrissie Doll is vintage, either 1980s or early 1990s. She came to me in a bulk purchase of Barbies, which I bought for use in art pieces.

As she's so pretty I had to keep her back and add her to my collection!

I'm such a sucker like that!!

She's wearing her original earrings, but missing her ring and clothing...oh well!

Dorothy Barbie
Man I love this doll, she's so much like the real thing...her voice box can get annoying tho' if you keep pressing it (like I did) lol

Wizard of Oz
I bought her nude and the clothes separate from an American seller, which worked out cheaper than buying her from Ebay U.K.

Her Ruby Slippers light up when she talks!!

She only says one of 2 things, which can get a bit annoying but she does sound like Judy Garland and well I love her!

Chic to Chic - Maya

Maya is part of the Chic to Chic Series of dolls made by White Ballon (a Spanish Company) . I bought her from a Seller in France.

Her eye make up is unusual as the black liner is made of bits of Felt, which really brings out the colour of her eyes - which are grey.

She came to me boxed, with a Certificate of Authenticity