Monday, 18 May 2009

OMFG.... Ebay, YOU WHAT????

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Here's a strange little story....

I was watching some vintage toys and as I'd missed the auctions I clicked on see more items like this in My Ebay and erm....

Well this came up under the heading:

 50 items found similar to 'Vintage Playskool 1991 My Pretty Mermaid Doll ... !!!

The seller in China has listed it as Night Soil Dejecta Young Children Playskool Soft Toy??

I think I'm missing something here...Night Soil Dejecta that DOES mean s**t right?

After all it looks like poo...        And even weirder it doesn't look like animal poo...

                                            Omg I think it's Human!!

But if it is poo and Human poo at that... why oh why is it in with the baby and toddlers toys?

Is it customary in China to let your children play with Human-Poo shaped toys?

Oh dear god... Please tell me it's not a teething toy ...*pukes*

Anyone feel like explaining this to me?

 I'm totally creeped out now!

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