Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The First Emperor's Terracotta Warriors

I just love this image...unfortunately another one I have had to remove from my Flickr Photostream, due to their silly rules, odd how they allow other people to post pictures that are so obviously not their own images, ho hum!

Aaron and I went to see this exhibition when they brought them over from China this year.

It was actually my second time of going, I went to the first exhibition in the Early 1980s when I was a child, it wasn't in The British Museum though, and we had to climb down a ramp to the statues, we could walk around them and touch them then though!

I found the exhibitions fascinating both times, for the fact that these awesome things were made, and life-sized Horses and carriages too, which much have been so hard due to the technology available at the time to produce them, then couple those things with the fact that each one is individual as no two people in the Emperor's Army were alike it's mind blowing! 

The other reason I found this exhibition so fascinating is because they had addition information that they either didn't have last time I went or I was too young to take in... so the comparisons between the two exhibitions also fascinated me!

We had a great day out in London and I took Aaron to Buckingham Palace so we could watch the "Changing of The Guards" too as we had an overnight stay in a Hotel before coming back home to Wales, so all in all it was a really fun and memorable experience for us both.

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