Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Hello Kitty Street Racer Ferrari

Man how cool is this??

Well I'll tell ya.... It's So cool...I don't even care it's pink!

Picture photoshopped by Ryan Alexander for a friend - Nice going Ryan! 

Although that has of course lead a lot of people to assume that this car is the real deal and circulate the picture around the internet as a Hello Kitty Limited Edition Ferrari!

Everyone I show it to loves it as much as I do!!


MsMonae says: That is Dangerously HOTTTT> U go gurl..................................
posted 2 days ago.

Viewed in my Flickr photostream 60 times and favourited once!

Sorry everyone but Flickr rules mean I have to remove it and put it here instead :(

It was also part of the Flickr Hello Kitty Pool and linked to website! 

So that really sucks that I had to take it down, fortunately there are no stupid rules on here for posting and I can pretty much do and say what I like "Yay"!!

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