Saturday, 6 June 2009

Auntie Ollie, Aaron and I Meeting Buddy Big Mountian after the show

Bless...My Great Auntie Ollie reminded him of his grandma... awwww .

He wouldn't leave her alone...Because, said he missed his gran so much Auntie Ollie was loving the attention lol even when he tried to get in her wheelchair with her!!
He was happy to spend time talking to us, pose for pictures and signed a poster for Mum, who was grinning like she'd just won the Lottery!

The Eagle Dances: Native Americans, Native Europeans was performed by Buddy Big Mountain and Guy Masterson and depicts the the real-life experiences of George Catlin, a 19th Century adventurer who dedicated his life to recording the culture and traditions of Native Americans.

The show uses storytelling, dance, drama, puppetry and video projection to reveal the truth about Native Americans and their way of life.

Buddy big Mountain is a registered member of the Mohawk of Kahnawake Tribe of Canada and the Iroquois Nation.

He is part Comanche, Apache from his father side and Mohawk, Welsh and English from his mother side, a self taught ventriloquist, and the first internationally recognized Native American Master Ventriloquist Puppeteer...He's also a really nice guy!!

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