Saturday, 6 June 2009

Testcard F - Picture insert

This thing has always creeped me out..

It's the way the girl has just stopped dead still, like a statue...mid game, so she can stare straight at you with a weird expression on her face...(there's something very evil about that expression)

Then there's the fact she's not afraid of that clown thing, which creeps the hell out of me & must be alive 'cos she's playing noughts and crosses with it.

I always thought it was a odd looking balloon but now I can see it's legs I'm even more freaked out... after all, if it's got legs that means it can chase after you!

Anyhoo, They say a problem shared is a problem halved so I've put these 2 pic's up here in the hope someone else will share at least half the nightmares this thing has always given me.

purple_ebren Pro User says:  You know, I never realised it was only a clown. I always thought the body was another toy ~ shows doesn't it what you gloss over.

Mind you, we only had a B&W for all my childhood, so alot of the details were prolly lost on me anyways . . .
Posted 3 weeks ago.

Demonic Angel 1975 Pro User says: lol awww bless...yeh we had b&w for a while's still creepy in that too lol
Posted 3 weeks ago.

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