Friday, 14 August 2009


I love my new boy and just had to show him off!


donna hilson said...

Hahaha, Theres def something in the air here! love the pics herbs akimoto looks great in his new outfit x

Herbie Hopkins said...

Lol you're telling me...he's fishing for her msn addie cos he's got this new laptop he just wants to try out ....apparently!!

Thanks Donna...I'm really happy with how he's turned out, and weirder.... I had to stop Aaron the other day cos he grabbed hold of him, fiddled with Akimoto's little converses a bit then said ...."So he's gonna go live in my room right? " while making for the door!

When he was stopped he's all "Oh but you said....."

Eh? that boy made out like he didn't like him when I first got him lol now he's got cool togs, hair, a laptop & a nokia suddenly it's all change!


Angela Whitby said...

Love Akimoto Herbs, he looks great!!

Herbie Hopkins said...

Thanks Angie *Grin*