Saturday, 2 May 2009

Still on the Subject of Moomin Trolls...

Check out these awesome little paper toys.

If you fancy having a go the kit is available from:|en&hl=en&ie=UTF8

(that's the translated version folks!)

Ginger Bread Moomin House - Here it is!

Just after I posted that I went for a little wander around Google images and found the pic' I was looking for ...woot!

The Pdf is available from the maker if you click on this link... enjoy!

moomins nom noms

As a ever eager scavenger of the internet I come across loads of pretty cool stuff on my travels but man...gonna take a lot to beat this ... moomin house cake recipe in pdf form...woot

Only problem is after my moomin-mad son saw it he was begging for me to make him one....still we can but try...blogger won't let me upload the pdf image so heres a gingerbread version :D