Thursday, 17 January 2013

Yep More Pac Man & Classic Arcade Games Website

So hands up all of you who got a massive happy on when Google launched it's playable Pac Man logo "doodle" mini game-  to mark the 30th Anniversary of  the game on 21 May 2010...

 Then got really disappointed to find it had been taken away and replaced with something else... due to my massive nerdage I spent most of that day playing it - I couldn't leave it alone, I couldn't believe it had been 30 years either but meh that's just how it goes I guess!

It is still possible to track down the Google version and play online if you miss  playing that version, you can find it here: Google PacMan

But if you'd like to play the original game or other games from that era, take my advice and go visit a great site I've recently discovered called Classic Games Arcade; but be warned - if you're anything like me you may find yourself spending a few hours, a day, a few weeks!

It has all the best loved - well for a nerd like me! - Arcade Games that I grew up with and better still it's free, you don't even have to download anything to play the games, and you can use the html codes and add them to your My Space, Blog or another Website too!

Here's the Pac Man Classic Arcade Flash Game, that I found / played on there... Just Click on it to play..

 When you get through playing, scroll down for a list of what else the site has to offer.

Here's a quick list of some of the games you can expect to find / play/ enjoy:

Pac Man Classic Arcade Flash Game
Donkey Kong
Classic Street Fighter 2
Super Mario Bros
Puzzle Bobble
Sonic The Hedgehog
Kung Fu Remix
Ghosts and Goblins

And so much more... Check it out using this link:

(Now all I need to do is get myself a joystick for my laptop and I'll be a very happy girl!)

Btw, the Joystick is in no way required to play games on Classic Games Arcade - I only mention it because as much as I love playing Pac Man and the other games on there, I find it hard to negotiate using directional keys only - I'm kind of old school!

Anyhoo, give Pac Man a go above,  or have a look at the website and find something else to play, either way...

Get over there it's an awesome website and even more awesome is the fact it is free to play and even more when you consider that some very kind man has taken his time (a lot of time) to convert and whatnot these games, upload and host them, just so others can share something he loves!

And above all...Enjoy!

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