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‹(◕‿◕)› Another Makies doll post! ‹(◕‿◕)›

Well I've offically succomb to temptation, and after designing 20 or so of these fun little creatures, I've fallen in love so much so that I am currently awaiting the arrival of Pendle, my custom fairy folk little lady!

I'm lucky as every Christmas and Birthday my Mother's friend and her husband send Aaron and I a cash gift each, which for the last few years,  I have been spending my half of on dolls I couldn't otherwise afford to own - this is how I manage to get my Tweety Dal,  Tangkou France & China, Toffee doll Sakura,  Hujoo Freya,  2013 Mattel Catwoman (retro version),  1996 Barbie & Ken Star Trek Gift Set, Death Note Misa Icy Doll, Maudlynne Macabre, countless others and now My very own Makie Doll!!

Well it sure beats having to spend it on bills!

Anyhoo,  enough preamble, it's dolly action time (kind of)... this post is really just a look at the design of her, and my reasons behind certain aspects of the designing process; which I'll compare against the real thing at a later date.

I originally chose this outfit for her as her "Coming Home" outfit as I really liked the colour which I felt matched her hair perfectly and would give me a good "positive" to make more shirts, short and long jackets & trousers with, if I used the dimensions of the clothes as a pattern base; it's called "Alice in Wunderpants outfit" and is still available in the shop ( many of my original Makies I designed during the Alpha phase; are wearing outfits and wigs that are no longer available) so I knew if I changed my mind I could always purchase it at a later date.

Here's how it looks in the flesh so to speak, with blurb from Makie Shop listing...

Alice in Wunderpants outfit

Adventure time! Snap your braces and join us as we make Makie mischief. Designed for female bodied Makies.

This is the outfit I finally decided on, I felt it gave me more making possibilities, either for more lab coats, or short jackets, long jackets, even dresses and shirts, also during the Alpha phase I fell in love with a "bloodied version of this lab coat, which had little bloody hand prints and blood splatters all over - Very Walking Dead and very me! however, it is no longer available in the shop, so this one could also serve as a pattern to make another more gruesome version, the skirt could be made into a longer version, A-line version etc and the fitted t-shirt, I felt was much more apt as she would after all be 3D! It also gives further designing possibilities and the whole outfit comes with an adorable pair of pink scissors too; what's not to love?!

Makiebot Outfit

Makies have a special machine in their workshop called the Makiebot. The Makiebot prints shoes, goodies and tools in 3D for the Makies all the while singing a whir-whir song. Makies make magic on the Makiebot and wear the t-shirt to show it. Most suitable for female bodied Makies.

Pendle was the 18th Makie I deigned, I decided I wasn't even going o consider making one real until I had tweaked and tweaked until I made one I felt was absolutely perfect, Pendle was he result, closely followed by the 17th Makie I designed called Rainy Daze...

Rainy Daze

I would have made her real but the wig I chose was out of stock and the Makie Bots wouldn't allow me to buy her, as much as I loved her, I felt I should design a whole new makie instead of just changing her wig as I new I;d never be happy with her in a different wig, and so Pendle was born!

The thing with making a Makie is each time you go to do so, you start from scratch so to make two the same requires a lot of dial tweaking! Anyhoo,  I decided I would try and get this new one as close to Rainy Daze looks as possible seeing as I had already fallen in love with her, and I would also keep her skin in the original Makie white or as they refer to it "Ice Frosting" that way I could if I chose to dye her a cocoa shade so she'd be even more similar to my belove Rainy Daze.

In the end Pendle ended up with a slightly thinner nose than Rainy Daze but other than that she's pretty much identical. As the pink "Katy Wig" (*sigh*) was unavailable I decided on the "Manga Wig" which comes in a light aqua shade instead, although it looks more blue here; and would look great on either a white or dark skinned doll. 

I also decided I'd keep the black iris eyes as I feel they add to the ethereal feel and are pretty hard to find elsewhere - the other colour choices were Green, Blue, Grey, light Amber & Brown. 

If I change my mind I can always just buy the eyeball bundle which is available in the shop, so no big whoop!

Eyeball Bundle

Six pairs of all eye colours, which can be clipped in and out of your MAKIE. All the better to see you with.

For some reason I've found I prefer elfin ears on a Makie doll and the bigger the better - within reason of course, so the new doll just had to have a set of those too, and pierced as I have plans for them.

In order to check the size and proportions of the ears, I removed her wig - during making - and turned the image of her around to check just how much they stuck out.

N.B: The little line at the back of her head is for the doll's cranium to clip into.

Profile view, so I could check the arch of her nose, length of it and also the form of her chin and eyebrows, which will be moulded onto her face as part of the 3D printing process.

Slightly turned profile view just to double check that her facial features are exactly how I want them to look, after all once the plans are drawn up for the printer there is no going back on her design.

Slightly more to the centre profile view, double-double check!
 Her ears look the perfect size, eyebrows nice and thin, grumpy mouth looks great and nose arch and length is exactly how I want it too...  Almost ready to buy and have printed now!

Now all that's left to do is replace her hair and take one last look at her before I buy!

And here she is, or will be little miss grumpfest Pendle - in case you're wondering, I was having a hell of a time trying to decide on a name for her and sadly you have to have once chosen before you are allowed to save your doll so I started looking for inspiration on the page I was on, when my eyes fell on the legend "Patent Pending" which at first made me think of The Wacky Races Cartoon, but I knew that just wouldn't do for this girl so I focussed the word "Pending" and that lead me to thinking about the Lancaster witch trials of 1612 and the so- called  "Pendle witches", so I decided I would call her "Pendle" in memory of Mother Demdike & Alice Nutter and all the other innocents who were so wrongly accused and lost their lives during those dark times.

N.B: Info on the Pendle Witch Trials can be found here:

Yay, won't be long now - the parts have not only gone to print, but come back too! So now all that's left to do is sand and assemble them, dress and package her and then she'll be on her way to join the rest of the dolly family!

Can't wait!
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