Sunday, 14 December 2014

Dr. Who 12 inch Dolls aka "The Ood Makeovers"!

I recently got my hands on two 12 inch Oods from Dr. Who (10th Doctor (David Tennant) Era)  and was absolutely amazed by the amount of detail they possess.

If you have no idea who or what an Ood is, you can find information about them by clicking this link: or check out these episodes of Dr. Who ( each of these titles provide links to the episode's Wiki page, so if you don't want to watch it you can read about it instead!): 

Series 2 (2006)
The Impossible Planet

The Satan Pit

Series 4 (2008)
Planet of the Ood

Specials (2009–10)
The Waters of Mars

The End of Time

Series 6 (2011)
The Doctor's Wife

Series 7 (2012)
Pond Life[5]

That said, I'll get to the point of this post now...

As they were both very dusty - having been displayed by their previous owners - I set about cleaning them, while doing so I began to feel the urge to "breathe a little life into them" as one of them in particular was very dull looking, having been painted in a hazy kind of way. 

I guess that doesn't really make sense to anyone else but I can't really find the words to sum up what was wrong, except maybe if you imagine viewing him through a sheet of voile, it was kind of like that - definitely in need of a "paint-job" that's for sure. 

The other one I decided I wasn't going to touch as he's paint was a lot fresher looking.

For the purposes of explaining the pictures, I'll refer to them as Ood #1 and Ood #2...

Ood #1 will refer to the "Dull & Hazy" little man, and of course Ood #2 will therefore refer to "Fresh Paint" Ood-dude, that said, I guess it's picture time now then...

Sale picture of Ood #1
The poor little guy was also covered in cobwebs, bless 'im!

Second sale picture of Ood #1
I decided I'd use him as a dummy for some "pastel practice" so that's what I did, sealing after each application of course before adding a final matt coat of sealer and additional applications of diamond glaze to give some areas a "wet look" as I felt his mouth parts, inner ears and nostrils should probably have some form of moisture within them.

Here's the before and after pic's,...  Btw, I should probably have already warned you by now that this post is going to be pretty pic' heavy, still moving on...

Ood #1 Before

Ood #1 After

Ood #1 Before

Ood #1 After

Ood #1 Before

Ood #1 After
Ood #1 Before

Ood #1 After

I have to admit, I was pretty proud of how good he looked, so I decided to compare him against Ood #2, bad move as it turned out as I realised that against "new & improved" Ood #1, he now looked really dull in comparison, so, lol, guess what? Yep that's right, I decided to give him the "make over" treatment too, below is a comparison photo, so you can see just how bad Ood #2 was now looking!

As bought Ood #2 and repainted Ood #1

So here we go again with the before and after photo's, the first one is of Ood #2 as purchased, no sale photo to use this time...

Ood #2 Before

Ood #2 After

Ood #2 Before

Ood #2 After

Ood #2 Before

Ood #2 After
Ood #2 Before

Ood #2 After

While I was customising this pair I noticed that there are slight differences between the two figures. Ood #2 is much darker in certain areas of his face, and his face shape is slightly different, it's only a subtle difference, but if you've been staring intently whilst customising any type of toy, you tend to notice and then it's all you see when you look at that particular toy, unless of course you choose to do something about it! 

I like the fact they have differences,  I guess it's probably due to one being a re-release but even so they would have used the same mould surely? 

Anyhoo, whatever the reason, I think it gives them more character and in a way a more lifelike aspect.

And here they both are side by side, so you can see the variations in colour and mould shapes...

Ood #2 came without his jacket but that's ok because it turns out he prefers to wear a kaftan anyway ... and a bandana?! 

He's also found his soul mate in "Creeping Stink Flesh", well there's no accounting for taste!

What's worse is since he is no longer enslaved and has found love, he's gone all New Age and is planning to start a commune on a farm with his beloved...

Yeah, that's really sensible, she'll most likely eat all the animals and everyone else in the commune!

The other problem I've found with him is he no longer wants to be known as Ood #2, as he informs me his name is "Delta" or "Just call me Del' as he puts it...

Gawd what a total arse he's becoming!

You'll be pleased to know Ood #1 or "Upsilon" is happy enough to be known by whatever name you wish to call him, at least that's one Ood I don't have to worry about!
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