Wednesday, 25 March 2015

(¯`*•. 1982 Twirly Curls Barbie ¸.•*´¯)

I remember how happy I was to receive Twirly Curls Barbie for Christmas.

 I was seven years old when this doll was released and I guess I was very susceptible to advertising because I can still sing the jingle word for word, I must have sung it so much then that the words have been embedded into my brain more than thirty years later!

We were sleeping over at Nan's that year and I'd already woken up early, gone down my pillowcase -we always had a pillowcase full of presents instead of a stocking.

 I was sitting up in bed surrounded by wrapping paper, munching on the satsuma I'd found at the bottom and looking forward to starting the day smelling of my new Victoria Plum rose scented talcum powder when my Nan came into the room with a cup of tea, some biscuits and a surprise present for me!

I was so excited, it was box shaped, rattled slightly and I couldn't wait to find out what was inside it,

 I eagerly ripped off the paper and "Oh my..."  

There she was beautiful smiling Twirly Curls herself and even better than that ... she was MINE!!
I've found a copy of the advert, which may be of interest to you, I felt like a little girl again watching it and of course it brought back memories of Christmas when it was still magical - unfortunately the video is not great quality but well it is 32 years old! 

My Twirly Curls has remained one of my prized possession, although over the years I have lost the items she came with and of course her earrings and ring... I put the loss of the chair, brushes and "Twirler" as being in the boxes with my other dolls, dollhouses & furniture which all went missing during our move to Wales, it saddens me but at least I still have my girl.


I decided a few years back - around 2008 - to take her out of storage and photograph her so I could upload her photo' to my Flickr Photostream, I was surprised to discover that I was one of those little girls that chew on their Barbie doll's faces - WTF??

I have absolutely no memory of ever doing this and cannot think of one reason when I would have felt the need to do so?!

This of course began a quest to find another, but one in perfect condition... The plan was not to replace my original - that could never happen as I have way too many happy memories wrapped up in her, but to have another as she should have been kept, so I began looking...

Twirly Curls & Ooak Pube Job Barbie

During my teens I went through a phase of doing "hair wraps" I used Twirly as a model for practice, she's still wearing the wrap that started it all!

I took a comparison pic' of her next to the "Pube Job Barbie" I made - Don't ask!

I find it very weird how much the face has changed in just over a decade - I also find it weird why Mattel keep changing the faces I'd love to know why they do.

Anyhoo, my quest came to an end a few months ago, when I won this little girl at the starting price.

Ebay Listing Photo

Even better she came with her "Twirling Wand", Chair, Outfit, Brush and even her Comb!

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