Wednesday, 29 April 2015

"Lovely Doll" - Pullip Clone

I bought this doll around six years ago, as I thought she would be a good candidate for customisation.

She was sold as a "Pullip Clone" but looking back on these photographs which I took on the day she arrived from Singapore - I don't really think she looks much  like a Pullip, unless you cross one with a Dal - then maybe she does a little.

I guess she does a little around the eyes, but all in all she is quite a bad clone, more like a case of bad plastic surgery or something similar.

Anyhoo, the idea was to use her for custom practice and in the process hopefully making her a little prettier in the process..

The name "Lovely Doll" is not my description or even the seller's it's actually written on the box by the manufacturer... Although sadly she isn't really a lovely doll!

More than anything it's the mouth that's "wrong" - I came to this realization after I had removed her factory paint and prepared her for a new "face"...

To be honest she's been on hold ever since, nothing I do seems to prettify her and it's looking more like I should either "Pullip's Ugly Sister" her or else do a really outlandish custom on her!

I guess I'll let you know when I've worked it out myself !

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