Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Announcement from Lammily Dolls

Today I received an email from Lammily announcing that their new doll - "Photographer"  is now available for pre-order.

Isn't she gorgeous ?

She comes in the outfit shown here, complete with her own camera to record all her travels with..

Judging by these preview photographs her body is made using the same moulds used for their original girls: 

 She stands at eleven inches tall and is also articulated at the elbows, hands, knees, and feet.

The clothing packs sold for the first edition dolls will also fit this little beauty - sadly no new ones have been added to the shop yet but as they contain multiple items it's easy to mix and match them with the clothing each doll comes with.

If you're interested you can check them out here: Fashion Packs...

I'm loving everything about this girl, right down to her box, which, like her predecessors, is covered in  watercolour images of her World travels.

Official release date is March 2016 - pre-orders will be processed and dispatched the same month. 

The dolls cost $26.00. When you pre-order one of these lovelies your payment details are stored but not charged until your doll is ready for dispatch, thereby securing your doll for you and assuring you will definitely be receiving one once the are ready for sale.

The Pre-Order page for "Photographer" can be accessed here: Lammily Photographer

Another item Lammily have just launched is called "Period Party" it costs $10.00 and consists of useful information to explain menstruation to small girls.

The pack consists of  an educational leaflet in easy to understand language, a calendar and sticky dots so you can keep track of your cycles, a pair of yellow polka dot girl -pants for your Lammily doll and a reusable sheet of miniature "Panty Liners" to protect your dolls new grundies during her period!

I have to say I think this is an awesome idea, young girls shouldn't feel weird or ashamed when they start their periods and using the medium of play to normalize the idea that it's going to happen to them, that they may not start at the same time as their friends, that it is a perfectly natural part of life and nothing to be ashamed of; can only be a good thing.

While I don't advocate it being used as a way to inform your child without any input from a female relative to discuss new feelings and bodily changes with, I feel it would work so well alongside those "difficult" parental talks we all have to have at some time.

I think it's such a shame that for some reason our culture is we females are made to feel we can't talk about certain things out in the open without feelings of shame or that it is somehow taboo to do so.

When my Niece began her periods she phoned everyone in the family and told them with pride "Today I became a woman" - this conversation freaked the hell out of my Dad though, who ran to get "Grandma" while he went for a sit down to get over it! 

But this is what her cultural heritage dictates, in the African Village her Mother is from you share this with everyone as your passage into Womanhood is something to be celebrated not covered up... Of course in England and in Wales we do things differently, hence my poor Welsh Dad's freakout!

I thought it was pretty awesome and congratulated her thoroughly but then for years I've been refusing the brown paper bag shop keepers seem to think the box of tampons I've just bought need to be covered up in. 

I walk out the shop brandishing them without shame and chuckle at the amount of other customers who either flinch or go red and advert their faces when they see what I'm holding... It's old hat to me though as I started my periods when I was 10 years old.

Well enough talk for now,  I'm off to pre-order me a new girl now from the Lammily store, later guys!


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