Tuesday, 27 October 2015

🐸 1981 Frogger Board Game by Milton Bradley 🐸

Another of my favourite games growing up was Frogger, which I'd play for hours on my Commodore 64 and oddly every time I went to an arcade too, I have no idea why I didn't try other games while there considering the amount of games to choose from, but for me, for a while Frogger was where it was at...

Just look at those graphics, is it any wonder that I was obsessed with getting my frog across that road?

This game still holds a special place in my heart, so my recent discovery of the existence of a Frogger Board Game was pretty mind blowing and once I had that knowledge I just had to get my hands on it, and yay I did too!

Anyone who's played the video game will not be surprised to learn that the object of the board game is to get your frog counter across the road to the safety area at the other side of the board.

Just like it's video game counterpart you have to avoid the cars that are moving across the road at the same time as your frog is attempting to cross.

Just like the video game both sides of the board have lily padded areas ( The Swamps) which are the safety areas, the black areas are Highways on which the cars you have to evade run, and the blue area in the centre of the board is the River which is where you place the coloured logs (red and yellow) where your frog can rest or leap from one to another to aid his journey across the board to safety.

At the time of purchase I'd stopped this game on Ebay and of course decided I had to have it, I hadn't seen another listing for this game and so decided I had to snap it up while I had the chance.

Unfortunately the listing stated that the cars were missing from the game, but they had been replaced with vintage matchbox cars instead, which I think adds to the appeal, as much as I would have loved to have found this game in it's entirety, little metal cars will do me just as well and definitely add to it's kitchness!

I did some research on this board game and discovered the section dedicated to this game on Board Game Geek  according to that site,  this is the second version of the game....

I found this cute close up of the frog counters on that site and had to share it as the photo's I've uploaded don't show the frogs in detail and as you can see from their photo, they are so darn cute!
At times during the game you are able to move not only your frog counter but all the frog counters in play, this is determined by a throw of the die. The frog symbol on the die will bring this movement into effect. At any other time in the game you move only your counter. You have the ability to hinder an opponent's passage across the board, one way to do this is to move either a log or a car across the board using part or all of the number of moves dictated by your dice throw.

Another photograph I found on that site, is a close up of the "logs" as you can see from the picture below, they are reversible with a fly symbol in the centre of each, on one side only. Like the video game, landing on the fly will give you a bonus - 2 extra spaces in which to move. The logs can be moved across the board or turned over to take a bonus (fly) out of play for a period of time.

The image above shows the car pieces with which you can "squash" your opponent's frog, just like the cars in the video game. 

There is of course much more to game play than I've written about here but like all board games playing them is much more fun than reading or writing about them, plus if I was to tell you very nuance of play here, I'd totally spoil it for you when you play the game yourself! 

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