Friday, 10 April 2015

A week in the life of a Doll Addict...

Seeing as it's Spring I thought it's about time for a Hoggie... Did I ever mention I adore these little creatures?   Well I do, so without further ado...

Even with Monday's Bank Holiday it's still been a pretty good postal week doll wise, although quite a burden for poor little Kev' the Postman...

Tuesday's delivery was a Moshi Monster Furry Cuddly Toy, a Pedigree Sindy Horse, tack and trophy, a joblot of Barbie and Bratz household sundries, a Vintage Petite Lockstitch Sewing MachineTransforming Triplets Set from the Brave Film and the obligatory bin fodder from the Labour and Conservative Parties...

Wednesday was the deadline date to collect my Monster High Social Spots Playset from my local Tesco Direct store so I had to go and collect it and buy groceries like a proper adult - but not before Kev' had brought me my Little Miss Matched Doll from America, Vintage Barbie Grand Piano and Gym equipment - yay!

Yesterday my Lamily Rocking London Outfit.Arrived, also from America, a 1965 Mohaired Dam Troll, 3D printed set of 3 pairs of Makie Doll Glasses, as well as my Limited Edition Juniper Makie and Rainy Daze Makie Dolls

This Morning I received "Aranya" - My Lamily Doll, another loose First Wave Operetta Doll, Coffin Bean Playset, Boxed Voltageous Frankie Stein Doll,  Pedigree Sindy Clothes, Horse Riding Outfit included, joblot of  Vintage and contemporary clothes, shoes and other Barbie sundries, boxed "Princess Catherine" Engagement Doll and my mini Wanda The Wonder Frog and Ponda Pond also arrived from Japan!

And the week's not even done yet!

Anyhoo, the extra Operetta is because the one I already had has really unruly hair that for the life of me I'm unable to restyle into it's original shape and her outfit was incomplete, this one came with everything even her ring - No Memphis or diary though but that's ok as I have them already. 

The other reason is for a long time I have wanted to do a more "serious" customisation on an Operetta than I did on my first attempt at her - I've been torn as I wanted to do a different kind of scar on her face but I love how my first Operetta custom came out and as I love First Wave Operetta's look and want to keep her as is,  the only option really was to get hold of another so I can "Give it a Go"! 

The Coffin Bean Set is also a duplicate but as my first was incomplete and I'm going to combine them both with my Diener and Bratz Diner Sets and make a 1950's hang out for "Retro Lil'" which I'll be showing off once it's completed.

The Triplets I got for two reasons, the first being when I first saw them one word sprang to mind and I was compelled to get hold of them to act on it, as it stands it's 1 down and 2 to go so you won't have to feel teased by my cryptic explanation for long as I will be blogging about their "transformation" in a couple of days!
The other reason is those bear suits are way too cute not to do something with... 

Hope you're having a good week too!