Monday, 12 November 2012

Ice Cream Sindy - A collaboration between HASBRO and CEPPIRRATTI, the Italian toy Company

"Ice cream Sindy" doll, made by Hasbro in late 80's - early 90's, when Hasbro had cooperated with Italian Toy Factory Ceppirratti, who are famous for the Italian exclusive variation of Sindy, called Tanya.

The Ebay Seller that had this doll listed states on the listing: "I've heard that this doll was never exported out of Europe!!

This one is called "Vanilla" apparently... I would have said Choc n nut from her outfit, but meh what do I know?  I can't read Greek.

Her head is marked: "CEPPIRRATTI".

Her back is marked: Hong Kong"

I suspect she was made for the Greek market, due to the packaging being  I suspect she was made for the Greek market, due to the packaging being written in Greek, which is odd when you think about it, an American company collaborates with an Italian one to make Dolls for Greece.written in Greek, which is odd when you think about it, an American company collaborates with an Italian one to make Dolls for Greece.

What I find very interesting about her is, she looks identical to my CEPPIRRATTI doll...only mine has green hair, this is her original colour... I had been unable to find out nothing about her, but I think today I might just have found the answer, which may also explain why her hair is green, if  she is an "Ice Cream flavour" or something similar to that!

Turns out I was right too... she's on this advert for Sindy Ice Cream Dolls:


Or watch on Youtube if you prefer, here's the link:  ICE CREAM SINDY (posted by adabd on youtube)

Another odd thing is, the video is of a French advert, so I'm guessing this range of Sindys was sold throughout Europe, not just in Greece as this one's packaging would imply, had I not seen the video!

Anyway, I feel like showing off now so.. Here's my girl...

I found her in a Charity Shop for 20p on 3rd September 2009,  I had no idea who she was, but I was so intrigued by her bright green hair that I couldn't resist her. 

I took the above photos of her and uploaded them to Flickr to ask my "dolly friends" for an I.D, I was sure they'd know who she was. It turned out that they didn't, out of the 15 people who commented on her only one came close, when he said she looked similar to "Tanya" (Italy's version of Sindy)!!

I started to suspect she was an Ice Cream Sindy when I found a listing on Ebay with the "Vanilla" girl's photos, and I knew for definite when I Googled the Ice Cream Sindy Dolls and found the above video on Youtube.

My original search for info was for CEPPIRRATTI  Dolls, and that really didn't bring up very much at all, so she remained a mystery...a lovely edition but a mystery nonetheless, until today that is - 3 years later, still better late than never!

13/03/2014         **** UPDATE ****

I guess these little ladies must be quite rare as a month or two ago I found another, well technically two more, but one is the green haired version, on Ebay, they don't seem to come up for auction very often and when they do I guess they get overlooked as being oddly coloured clone dolls and not actual Sindy Family Members, which to be honest is what I thought my green haired little lady was when I first found her, anyhoo, here's the latest two:

I was very pleased with these new additions as my green haired girl had certainly had her hair cut, whereas the new one definitely has not, in fact it's still in it's original style, her top also looks to be her original outfit; I'm unsure about the skirt though.

As for the orange haired one, well her hair remains uncut - yay! and it's such an awesome colour, this photo really doesn't do it justice, while the outfit is more than likely not her original one, it suits her very well so I'm happy with that too, not sure if I'll be collecting any more of these girls, still never say never, if one comes up that I don't have and really like knowing me I will!!

Anyhoo, that's it for now...

Take care


noirist said...

Crap! I almost bought the doll with green hair on Sat. Went back to get her today because I changed my mind and of course she was gone. :(

And hello! I just found your blog the other day when I did a search for "Sindy doll with green hair." I <3 your blog and seeing awesome toys.

I wonder if I could ask you; do you know of any fashion dolls (I am guessing 80s or 90s) that came out with lilac hair? There was one at the charity shop I went to today, but I didn't get her. I don't usually go in for most dolls but her hair colour is a bit unusual so I was wondering about her.

Warm regards! -Sarah

Herbie said...

That's total pants, I hate it when that happens :(
Hello to you too Sarah & welcome to my blog! I'm glad you like it, I really must spend more time posting my collection and wants, there's tons of it! :P
In answer to your question - it's a bit hard to answer without knowing a little more about the doll you found...
Barbie size: Spectra, Keira, Fairytopia, Mermaidia,The Princess and The Popstar Keira, Hairtastic, Magical Hair, Fashionistas or Sparkle Fairy by Mattel
If she was larger than a barbie and from the 80's, she could be a Holograms Shana doll (Hasbro Jem line) this doll has dark skin or Synergy who has purple skin.
If smaller then she could be from the Hollywoods by Tonka, Moondreamers, SheRa (more of an action figure than fashion doll), Aurora by Tonka or Carnaby Street Mary Quant.
This list is certainly not exclusive - there are so many others, also...
Some La Dee Da, licca, momoko, liv and Kurhn dolls have lilac hair and of course so do some Ever After High and Monster High dolls... Or she could even be a clone!
Without a little more info' it's impossible for me to pin it down, sorry :(

noirist said...

Thank you Herbie! I realise it wasn't much to go on, so thanks for your ideas. The Lilac girl was a Barbie of some sort but I did not end up getting her.

Instead, I picked up this girl with a sweet face. I am assuming it is a Sindy doll. It looks like the same make-up as the Sindy Icecream dolls, perhaps? Do you have any ideas? Warm regards, and thanks again. -Sarah :)

Herbie said...

Hello Sarah,
Most likely a fairy-type then.
You're very welcome by the way, anytime you'd like an ID I'll do my best!
Wow your little girl is gorgeous, I'm quite jealous! As for the ID it's a weird one, I'm leaning towards Creata, but the close up pic' of her face makes her look a bit Manga...
I recognise her, I may even have one (I have dolls everywhere here!)lol
Does she have any markings at all?
If you like I could ask the other members of my dolly group for you?
Just let me know, sorry I can't be much help right now... I'll definately get back to you on it though... Promise!

Herbie said...
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noirist said...

Hey Herbie!

If you wouldn't mind asking your doll group for me I would be ever so grateful! :)

I picked her up because I liked that she is ever so slightly smiling with her mouth closed. Maybe that sounds weird? But there are loads of dolls smiling showing super white teeth (mainly Barbies, I guess, well that's what I'm thinking of lol!) so I thought she was a little bit different. :)

She has earring holes in both ears but didn't come with any. She has a swivel joint at the waist which is slightly diagonal i.e. not just a horizontal twist.

She has rubber legs that you can bend and "lock" into place. They can bend both backwards (twice) or forwards (just the once.)

Her arms stay in the same bent pose, but the joints at the shoulders are very good because you can twist and bend them facing anywhere.

She has absolutely no markings whatsoever anywhere on her body. Not even a symbol or some-such. :(

That's all I can say about her really. I like a challenge but honestly I haven't found anything about this doll. I think I am losing my "Googling touch." lol! XD

Herbie said...

No worries girl,
I'm very curious to find out who she is myself!
The waist makes me think she may be a clone or vintage character doll as it's not often used nowadays - don't quote me on that, it's just an observation or possibly it means I just haven't gotten my hands on enough dolls Lmao!
Anyhoo, I'll ask - If you don't mind I'll have to share your photographs with the group too.
One other thing - how tall is she? I'm guessing Barbie height ...
As for google I thought the same thing! lol
Take care,

Herbie said...

I've just had another look at your photos and I think she may be a Gloria or Betty Teen doll by Tonk.
Google them and see what you think.
Herbs x

noirist said...

Oh my gosh, I think you're right. I've just spent ages looking at Flickr photos and Googling but I still can't find the exact name of the doll.

And my gosh, those dolls are gorgeous. Dammit, now I need a vintage one with a 60s style hair'do! I mean how gorg is this:

Thanks again! :D

Herbie said...

Well that's lucky as I've only had 2 replies from my doll group so far and neither of them had any idea!
Lucky you found her with my typo - it's Tong not Tonk!
Anyhoo, you're absolutely right, I thought the same thing when I checked that link, what an absolute stunner!
I think you'll have better luck finding a girl like that if you search for a Betty Teen, they are the original ... Gloria was the updated version. They are both beautiful but for me Betty Teen definately has the edge.
As for names, if the outfit is original and I suspect it may be then it's a big clue...
Try searching for either doll on Ebay and see what comes up, sometimes it's a great reference tool, unless you're like me, then your wishlist will get longer and your bank balance smaller!!
Let me know if you find her *Grin*
Good luck,
Herbs x