Monday, 12 November 2012

Ice Cream Floats .... Apparently!!

Now this is seriously cute!

By Fischel Toys I'm unsure of the date, but I suspect Early 1980s, possibly even late 1970s

Float-able Tub doll

she comes with a comb, sponge and ring....

The doll is non movable, with rooted nylon (I'm guessing) hair, but instead of legs, she has an ice cream cornet!

The sponge she comes with is coloured in blocks of brown, cream and pink, to resemble Neapolitan Ice cream and  can be used by her new owner in the bath.

It has a whole in the middle of it which the doll can sit inside and "float" on top of the water... surely this would sink?   ...  Sponges soak up water after all !!

              Her "inflatable" ring is also to keep her afloat in the water.

      The writing in the bottom right of the packaging reads:

  Manufactured in Hong Kong for K mart Corporation. Troy Michigan 48064


Erika Krueger said...

Wow!!! I had one of these back in the day! A pink one, with pink hair :P LOVED that thing SO MUCH, and it did actually float ;) I took it EVERYWHERE, even to the beach in summertime lol. I was right, it was an Ice Cream Floats doll. There was some debate amongst family, lol. LOVE this post so much. Thanks :)

Herbie said...

Lol thanks Erika!
I'm so glad I could settle your "family argument"! Hugs, Herbs x