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🔮 Hazel Toffee Doll 🔮

This adorable little lady is a Toffee Doll called "Hazel" from the first line of these dolls introduced  in 2009 by Huckleberry Toys, the dolls were designed by Riri Fukuju.
Riri Fukuju also designs and sells other dolls, which you can view on her website here:  details of her blog can also be found on that site.  

 Toffee dolls are a very different type of doll, as they are a kind of half "Doll" half  Teddy "Bear".  As you can see from the "nude" images of Hazel below:

Photo From Toffee Dolls Website
They have faces and hands that are made of  Polyurethane plastic and large glass eyes. 
Their bodies are hand sewn from fabric as are their clothes, and their hair is also applied by hand. 
They are articulated in the same way old fashioned Teddy Bears are; at the neck, shoulders and hips; like Teddies their legs cannot be bent from the knees, neither can their arms move at the elbows.
The dolls are 12 inches high, each one in the series is Limited Edition, the first wave of these dolls had a Limited amount of 1,000 dolls in each design.
The each one comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, showing which number they are in the batch of 1,000 and a backdrop insert in her box.

Here's what Hazel looks like in her box:
Photo From Toffee Dolls Website
They come with a stand and an outfit (this can be removed and swapped which other Toffee Dolls, if you have more than one, that is!).

Hazel is wears a "Gothic" Inspired outfit; dress patterned with Bat silhouettes  little lace up shoes decorated with white pearls, arm warmers and  Bat shaped Wings, she also has a cute little bat shaped pendant on her necklace..
Photo from Toffee Dolls Website
Each  doll  in this series has a completely different personality as evidenced by their outfit and each come in a  hand made and decorated box which contains a "backdrop" of the doll's own particular "Environment" which is great for posing them against and taking photos, their faces are also hand painted.
Image from Toffee Doll Website
This is "Hazel's Story": "The ominous night holds untold secrets in its shadows in between the moonlight and fog. Hazel is a creature of the night and she loves to be mischievous."
Photo from Toffee Dolls Website
Here's how she looks posed against it.

It is worth mentioning, that as each of these dolls is hand crafted, they do not always come out of the production room identical, some have different coloured fabrics used for their costumes and well as their bodies, than shown in the pictures.

Photo from Toffee Dolls Website
I really love her fluffy little cat-ears, and those beautiful cat like piercing eyes of hers, I also love her hair colour and the style of it, and the fact that her outfit is mostly purple and black, I'm a Goth at heart, and she suits my mood most days... I also have a thing about Bats and Cats, so it's not hard to see how she could be a winner in my book!
I love how they decided that the best background art for Hazel would be a fog shrouded street, with rows of Victorian style houses, lit by old fashioned gas lamps, it's just the perfect setting for any self-respecting little Vampire of undetermined age to prowl around looking for a Midnight snack!

Her box matches the fabric of her dress, as does her little bat pendant, hanging around her neck, bless!

While I was looking at listings for Hazel on Ebay, I found a listing where the seller had written a couple of sentences about the doll they were selling and the First time any Toffee Doll was sold anywhere, I found this very interesting, as I never knew the doll had been sold as a "way to test the market", so I decided to copy and paste it below: 

"The very first one premiered at the Disney World Doll and Teddy Bear show where a prototype of the doll was auctioned. She went for well over $1,000. I was not the lucky winner- I had to drop out of the bidding".

Anyway, that's about all I can say about Hazel for now, but not Toffee Dolls... Stay Tuned for my next post, when I'll tell you all about "Sakura"!

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