Wednesday, 12 December 2012

❤ Blythe Loves Littlest Pet Shop ❤

Last week, my Son phoned me while out shopping to ask me what Blythe Loves Littlest Pet Shop, Doll I already had, I told him "Fabulously Vintage" and he said "Dam!"

It turned out that as I was having a really bad day as I was in so much pain, he had decided to buy me two new dolls out of his pocket money as a gift to "Cheer me up" when he got home!

He took Fabulously Vintage" back to the shop and exchanged her for "Buckles and Bows", ignoring giggles and stares he received from a bunch of schoolboys while he was walking around town with two dolls in his hands!

When he got home he handed me my "New Girls" and here  they are ...

"Cold Weather Cutie" -  She comes with a little pet Husky cub and is wearing ice skates, and ...

"Buckles & Bows" - She comes with a pet mouse in its own little doll-sized carry case, and here's my original little girl...

"Fabulously Vintage" -  I chose this one as she has a pet spider and a pair of 1950s style glasses, that I think are just adorable!

All three of these dolls are from the first range of Blythe / Littlest PetShop Collaboration from Hasbro, there is one more doll in this range, which I hope to be adding to the set very soon!