Sunday, 9 March 2014

=^.^= Korean Fallindoll - "Nana" Big Eyed Soft Toy =^.^=

At the same time as I bought my Albu, I couldn't resist the adorable faces of the Fallindoll range on the Mimi Collection Website, I knew it was impossible to even try to do so and I found myself buying one at the same time, she also arrived yesterday morning.

The poor little girl arrived sealed upside down in a bag with her face removed; still a couple of seconds later and she was adorable as I hoped she'd be in the flesh; or should that be fur?

Anyhoo, here's some more  sale pic's from Mimi Collection, so you can see for yourself what a seriously adorable little creature she is...

"Nana" and the other two Fallindoll pets that Mimi Collection sell all stand at 21.5cm, have changeable 16mm glass eyes (they come with a set of black ones) and have a removable ABS plastic face, which comes with face up.

Thier bodies are more like an old fashioned teddy bear in that they have discs at the shoulders and hips to enable arm and leg movement, the resulting poses are also "teddy bear" like.

The other variations sold by Mimi Collection are: "Dodo" - a dog version with black fur and "Toto" - a white rabbit.



Each of them have different coloured foot "pads", Nana's are brown, Dodo's are white and Toto has pink.  Out of the three, Toto is he only version that has movable ears.

Unfortunately for anyone wanting to purchase a "Dodo" version right now, he's sold out, as is "Nana" for the time being - sorry guys, I got the last one in stock, but I'm sure they will be restocked soon, especially as the listings are still up online, so don't give up hope just yet.

For anybody who would love to own "Toto" I've provided a link: Mimi Collection - Fallindoll: Toto

I would have done so myself as I fell in love with both her and "Nana", but as there were more "Toto"'s than "Nana"'s in stock, that swung it for me, knowing me and my dolly-problem, I'll probably wander back over there soon and buy a "Toto" too!

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