Saturday, 8 March 2014

⇝ Junky Spot's Nano Rabi Anthropomorphic Rabbit doll ⇜

Another new acquisition; this time it's a mini or "Nano" as Junkyspot like to call it anthropomorphic Rabbit doll, made by Hujoo.

I've only been able to find these dolls in the Junky Spot's Website and Ebay pages, so although they don't state that these dolls are Junkyspot designed (like their Freyr and Freya dolls) they do appear to be exclusive to them.

They are made of ABS Plastic and come in a choice of three colours: White, Light Grey and Pink - I chose the Pink version for my little rabbit or "Matsutake" as he's now known; as my Freya "Asami" is grey and I plan to get her a little white baby one day soon!

 Nano Rabi has 14 points of articulation and ball joints like a "human style" Hujoo, the feet and hands - should that be paws? are all shaped an padded more like an animals, this means they are slightly wider than other Hujoos dolls and therefore, like Freya, Freyr and Albu Hujoo dolls they may not be able to fit into clothing and shoes that have not been specially made or altered with this in mind.

The dolls are strung with ball joints, their proportions and body shape is very similar to the "baby Hujoo" doll range, apart from, of course their clawed and padded paws. 

                                                       Body Size Info:

Height:  12cm - 4.8 inches.
Eye Size:  12mm.
Neck Girth:  4.2cm.
Chest Girth:  7.2cm.
Shoulder Width:  2.5cm.
Hip Girth:  8cm.

While none of the listings contain information on head size for wigs, I believe Nano Rabi to have the same size head as Hujoo Suave, size 4/5 inch, but it would be very difficult as holes would need to be cut to accommodate the ears, which are spaced very close together in the centre of the head, unlike Freyr, Freya & Albu's ears which are spaced wider apart and more to the sides so would not require such a large or two hole/s which could easily rip and be very noticeable.

Another point I feel is worth noting, is that while the doll takes 12mm eyes, this does not take into account the size of he eye sockets. 

By this I mean a standard 12mm doll eye will fill the entire eye socket with the iris colour, no white will be shown around the edges.

If however, you'd like your little "Rabi" to have whites in his/her eyes, I suggest you chose an eye that has an iris size of less than 7mm, that way you would have the white showing around the iris as well.

A 12mm eye with a 7mm iris will just completely fill the eye socket from behind, and display only the iris portion of the eye when the socket is viewed via the face, unlike the dolls shown in the images below.

This is something I didn't consider when I bought my Nano Rabi as Junky Spot did not have eyes available in their Ebay store at the time and I'd already chosen a cute little pair of blue glass snake eyes for him, which although they completely fill his eye socket with just the blue iris look awesome!

 However, I'm aware others may wish their Rabis to look more like the "Face up" images supplied by Junky spot, as shown below, so I thought I should mention it to avoid disappointment etc.

Junky Spot do not offer a "Face Up" option on either their Ebay shop or Website listings, but they have included the following pictures in their listings, to give you an idea of what these little cuties would look like with custom faces... for some reason, they have only provided pictures of the white and grey variations and not the pink :(

Junky Spot have listed the dolls on Ebay for either "Buy it now" or if you prefer, you can try your luck at the auctions for a few dollars off; here's a link to their Ebay Nano listings Page: Junky Spot Ebay Nano Listings

If Ebay's not your thing, you can buy the dolls direct from Junkyspot by clicking on the following link:  Junky Spot Nano Hujoo Listings