Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Abandoned Chair Discovered in a Local Graveyard on - 2nd May 2009

It's just so weird, this chair was just sitting there in the middle of one of my 2 my favourite Graveyards (the headstones in this one have been placed all around the edges of the grounds ...

I have been told this is because there was a bit of a landslide a few decades ago and the graves went tumbling onto the road...scary

Anyhoo, as I say it was just there right in the middle away from anything so I thought probably ricketty test it and stare at the view...

Even weirder...It was solid as a rock!

So I did the only thing I could do and took pic's to mark the odd occurance lol

Arrrgh...Time Warp!

 Add a lil' bit of photo editing and this is what you get!

Turning 2009 into 1943 (ish)

I got my son to check out the view of the post office lol


Spooky eh?
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