Tuesday, 10 March 2015

☢ Ooak Wink / Blyth Clone Doll aka "Windy Wendy" ☢

Last year I got my hands on what is now being marketed as a Blyth doll (Blythe Middie Clone) - When these first appeared 3 or so years ago they were called Wink dolls, as at the time Middie Blythes had not been released they were sold as Blythe Clones, even there they are only about 10 inches tall.

I ummed and arred them for several years, choosing Basaak, Little Big Eyes and C.C.E dolls over them for my face up, sleep eye and customising practise dolls...

Until last year when I spotted some on sale as Middie Clone dolls and suddenly had the idea that I could have a go at making a hideous little girl out of one instead...

I had no particular "ugly" in mind, but as she arrived while my Son and I were right in the middle of our "Breaking Bad Marathon" - during which we watched every episode from all five seasons. *Grin*

 I became fascinated with the character "Windy Wendy"... 

Isn't she gorgeous?!
A lightbulb went off and the idea for a meth-addicted prostitute doll was born!

I chose the pink haired when ideally I should have gone for the blonde but the pink haired girl came in an adorable Strawberry Shortcake dress which I found myself unable to resist even though she was not going to remain in it after her transformation.

So what to do...?

Obviously the only thing I could do was scuzz her up a bit and call her Wendy!

So she got to keep her pink hair, for now anyway - I plan to have another go at making wigs soon, so who knows, she may end up blonde one day.

Personally I think she's kind of cute even with her bad teeth, snot, dribble and I hate to think what else but my Son can't stand to even look at her - she disgusts him so much, he says I disgust him too for making such a vile doll but meh that just makes me love her more!

I like my customs to be more "natural" looking unless I'm making a punk, T.V or film character so I've kept her make up pretty low key, also I began to think of her as "Daughter of Wendy" more than Wendy herself and that made me think about how every Infant School Playground seems to have that one kid who always has a runny nose which is both wet and crusty at the same time, this doll would definitely be THAT KID!!

Well that was the plan anyway... So she definitely needed snot, lots of snot - cue nostril carving and addition of moisture...

I guess one of the reasons I find her cute is because I always felt so sorry for those kids, I often wondered why their parents never taught them to wipe their noses and wash their faces, I could never understand and it wasn't until I was much older that I realised not everyone had a Mum like mine.

This realisation hit me in two ways... it made me love and appreciate my Mum more and it also made my heart go out to those poor little mites. 

To this day I always want to adopt them, take them home ,clean them up and show them some love...

I couldn't help thinking that if Windy Wendy had a daughter she would most likely not teach her to wipe her nose as she would be far to busy either making money for a fix or taking meth and so the backstory for this little girl was born...

I sanded and matted her face and gave her new eyelashes too, which she uses to bat her eyelids at passing motorists, just like her dear old Mum!

Sadly having been born a "meth baby" and growing up with a mother who gave it to her to shut her up so she can "do what she needs to" poor "Little Windy" was doomed to follow in her mum's footsteps and can often be seen plying her trade in the carpark of The Crossroads Motel while her mum's inside with one of her Johns or getting High.

She wears her trademark leopard print crop top, white hot pants and calf high patent leather boots.

One reason for this is because I haven't gotten around to make her a new outfit yet and she certainly can't go back to wearing her Strawberry Shortcake dress as it's far too twee and really she's too old for it anyway.

Whenever she asks her mum for clothes she just throws the first thing she can find at her, so she tends to wear a lot of leopard print.

I guess I really should step in and do something about it soon *sigh*

She really likes "Cry baby - Grumpy guts" (my first Blythe custom, whom I made from scratch after buying all the pieces separately then building her) and wants to be friends but sadly the feeling is not mutual, which isn't really surprising as she is the "Grumpy Cat" of the Blythe kingdom and hates pretty much everything!

Just look at that facial expression! I guess it doesn't help that Windy's always following her and copies everything she does, I've told her it means that she's in awe of her and she should be flattered that someone thinks she's that cool, but she isn't convinced....

"Mum... Make her go away" *Sob*
Well I guess that there's nothing more I can say about this little girl right now, so I'll be seeing ya...
Back soon,