Tuesday, 31 March 2015

🦇 Batman & Catwoman Barbie Collector Classic 🦇

My Son is awesome - knowing how much I love the 1960's Batman T.V Series and of course my doll obsession he bought me two presents last Christmas that combine both...

The Batman and Catwoman Collector Classics Barbie and Ken Dolls ... Woohoo!!


They are both Pink Label which according to  means they are  made for Collectors of all ages, not that I care what label these dolls are - they're beautiful works of art!

Batman's box is covered by cartoon imagery as used in the opening sequence of the T.V Series the writing is also from the classic series with those kitsch cartoon flashes that loved to use over Batman and Robin's awesome fight scenes.

And ... just look at that six-pack!

Batman himself is wearing a replica costume to the one Adam West wore right down to is utility belt, some of the colours are a bit off but I can forgive Mattel for that as in all other aspects it's perfect.

You may not know this but Mattel never throw away their moulds even after they've retired the dolls they used them to create this means that any time Mattel want to re release a certain line of dolls they can make an exact replica - minus of course the plastics used at the time.

In the Mattel tradition the faces of this Barbie and Ken have been made from previously retired sculpts. The dolls themselves are reproductions of 1960's Barbie and Ken Dolls... I could be wrong but this appears to be what they did when creating these gorgeous dolls

Catwoman's box design is identical to that of Batman's. As she doesn't wear a cape more of the background art is visible behind her - it is a full cityscape of Gotham with the Bat Signal projecting out into the night sky from behind the buildings and a cartoon depiction of Batman and Robin scaling a wall to the left of her with the aid of The Bat Rope!
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Catwoman is styled after Julie Newmar's iconic portrayal of the beautiful villainess. She wears the same skin tight catsuit with pixie boots and black opera style gloves with golden claws attached, an eye mask and even the cute little kitten ears poking out from under her coiffed hair.

Her outfit is accessorised with a gold belt worn on the hips and a golden chain, both replicas of the ones worn by Julie Newmar. The claws on her gloves, unlike Julie Newmar's Catwoman are painted on and not individual claws positioned like fingernails.
When her mask is removed Barbie's vintage mould is unmistakable. Her make up is also a reproduction of Julie Newmar's Catwoman, with the same bizarrely styled eyebrows and Egyptian style kohl on her black eyelids with that "flick" at the outside corners that was so fashionable in the 1960's.

The back of both boxes bear this statement: "Batman is the live action, TV cult phenomenon inspired by the DC comics characters of, The Caped Crusader and his sidekick Robin The Boy Wonder formed The Dynamic Duo, together, they battled colourful master criminals. The purrrrfectly mischievous minx Catwoman was a favourite foe sauntering through the TV episodes. Even today, The Batman Legacy continues as dedicated fans tune to The "Same Bat Channel" to watch tales of Gotham City's beloved DC Super Hero."

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