Tuesday, 31 March 2015

👽 The X Files Mulder & Scully Barbie Collectors Gift Set 👽

The  Barbie & Ken as Agent Dana Scully and Agent Fox Mulder Collectors Gift Set was released in 1998 to coincide with the release of the first X Files film called Fight The Future, the front of the box alludes to this at the bottom right, below the image of  David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as Mulder & Scully are the words "Fight The Future" in red capital letters and again on the right side of Barbie are three cardboard 1/6th poster size images; the first states: "FIGHT" and in small white letters at the very bottom: "Only in theaters June 19".

The second states: "FUTURE" and again the same legend in white below and the third says simply: "FIGHT THE FUTURE" at the bottom this one also reads:"Only in theaters June 19".

Both dolls are dressed in exact replicas of the outfits worn by Mulder and Scully's in the movie. 

Dana is wearing one of her much loved trouser suits with high heels and a white blouse, she has her laminated F.B.I Identification Badge pinned to her lapel and a large white pearl ring on her right hand.  

She has no other jewellery save for her gold cross which hangs on a chain around her neck. Beside her hand is her wallet sized badge holder which also contains her F.B.I Identification Card, Shield and Credentials.  

Both her I.D Card and her laminated Badge have her photograph and signature as well as other information and official F.BI Seals.

Fox is wearing a black suit, dark grey shirt, grey and blue striped tie, black leather belt with silver buckle and black shoes.

He also has an F.B.I Identification Badge pinned to his lapel and like Barbie, beside his right hand is his wallet sized badge holder which also contains his F.B.I Identification Card, Shield and Credentials.

The back of the box is illustrated with scenes from the movie and in keeping with the X Files theme lists the character's biographies written in the style of dossiers:

DOSSIER: Agent Dana Scully
Recruited out of medical school, Agent Dana Scully was originally assigned to THE X-FILES to debunk Agent Fox Mulder's work. Brilliant, idealistic, and with strong convictions, Scully discovers that THE X-FILES contain extra-ordinary secrets that the government must never reveal!
In spite of witnessing countless unexplainable events, Scully remains skeptical of these mysterious occurrences.
Since their first case together, Scully and Mulder have devoted themselves to a common goal: seeking the truth.

DOSSIER: Agent Fox Mulder
Oxford-educated, driven and self-assured, Agent Fox Mulder became a renegade when he decided to investigate THE X-FILES. These mysterious cases had been locked away and deemed "unexplainable" due to their paranormal nature. But Mulder has strong convictions about THE X-FILES, believing that his own sister was abducted by aliens when they were children.
Mulder soon finds a kindred spirit in his partner, Agent Dana Scully when the two fight to expose the truth.

This Special gift set features Barbie and Ken as Special Agents Scully and Mulder. Together they embark on one of the most important investigations of their lives... final proof of everything they've ever believed! Dressed in fashions from THE X-FILES feature film, Scully and Mulder are equipped with authentic badges and credentials.

The truth is out there...
Scully and Mulder must fight
a perilous future to find it...
before it's too late!

As well as the items already mentioned, this gift set also contains two doll stands and a Certificate of Authenticity.

I just couldn't resist sneaking Mulder's beloved poster into this post!