Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Limited Edition Pocket Full Of Posiez Delilah Art Doll by Queenie.

Last year I was doing my usual nosing around Ebay with no particular doll in mind when I happened upon a listing for an adorable little person called a "Delilah Doll"... 

The listing didn't really give much information and only included the photograph below, but that was enough for me to fall in love!

The seller wrote on the listing "A very cute, Gothic Lolita style Art Doll. Her head is cast in Vinyl with a plush body and pose-able arms and legs. She also comes with her Card and giant cupcake, with her edition number printed on the bottom of the box."

I placed my bid and went off to do some research on this little girl, I discovered that sadly there isn't much but what I did find was Queenie's website: which had this cute little picture of her with some info' on the doll's features...

On that website I also found a picture of the prototype dated Feb 6 2012, I always like to see and compare prototypes with finished products, in this case the differences are minimal.

I also found this pic' which shows the gorgeous design on the back and right side of the box.

I was so pleased to win her and had a hard time waiting for her to arrive... Here's my cute little "Gothic Cupcake" Delilah by Queenie,

As this doll is limited to 1000 Worldwide, it comes with her edition number written at the bottom of the box so of course whilst admiring the box I just had to turn it over to see what number my girl is... turns out she's number 645...

As she is soft bodied she poses better sitting down. She didn't come with a stand so I'm not sure it she should of had one.

It would have to be a weird shape tough as her body is triangular and as I mentioned, soft bodied. She also isn't able to hold her own cupcake as her arms are not only short and handless, but they have the appearance of having been made using thick pipe cleaners...

While I like the rustic look this gives her, it does mean that if she does get hungry you will have to hold her cupcake and feed it to her yourself!

She really loves this seat as it's not only comfy but it also has arms she can rest her cupcake on!

Queenie has an Etsy Shop where she sells her artwork and jewellery - if you'd like to check it out, you can click this link:

I was having a nose about there earlier and I found this adorable pic' of  Delilah, seeing as mine are kind of blurry looking I thought I'd upload it as it's a close up of her face and sadly my pic's don't really do this little girl justice...

You can also get information on new releases etc on Queenie's facebook page...  deadlycutepocketfullofposiez

Well that's about it I guess unless I forgot they are still available to buy on the website -  if you're interested in owning your own little Goth Girl..

Anyhoo, the link's up there somewhere..,

I'm off to cuddle my reptilian babies now so until next time..

Take care,   :)
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