Thursday, 11 August 2016

More information on the new Lammily Boy Doll

While I was writing my last post, I was reading through my emails from Lammily to get my facts right as I went along. I'd just published the post when I found an email entitled "Why it took 6 months to design Boy Lammily. See why in this behind the scenes look..."  

The contents of this email were so interesting to me that I thought I'd share them with you all, as many of you probably have not received the email yourself, as the email contains lots of info' I'm just going to copy it here:

"Our very first step was to get in touch with Dr. Matthew Reed, University of Michigan, because we knew we needed a physical reference for the boy doll that was based on average body proportions and BMI (Body Mass Index).

Dr. Reed uses 3D scans of human bodies in simulations that produce data, which play a hand in increasing safety in military vehicles. We knew that if anybody could help us with our doll’s proportions, it was Dr. Reed.

So, we asked him for a 3D scan of the average 19-year-old man, and were delighted when he sent us the 3D model below."

"Marco Romero, who boasts over 17 years of experience in 3D modeling, used the rendered body above as a foundation for the doll and added the aesthetic details, giving the body more character.

Andrew Dormody, the 3D modeler who helped design the very first Lammily doll, segmented this updated body so that the doll could move around and pose. Next he gave Boy Lammily his clothes, starting with his swim trunks!"

"Thomas DesJardins, who also contributed to the first Lammily doll’s design and who has worked for Disney Animation Studios, created the head and face of Boy Lammily."

"After dozens of revisions to the 3D model after each step, Boy Lammily was brought to life in a series of 3D renderings formed by Tim Jones, whose past work is accredited to works such as the Lord of the Rings series video games and Coca-Cola commercials."

"Each facet of the design process was revisited and reworked many times over, translating into over 6 months of work to make Boy Lammily as endearing, friendly, fun and relatable as the very first Lammily dolls." 

"With the help of some of the most trusted hands and minds of the 3D modeling and animation industries, this is how Boy Lammily came to be! "

Something else I'd like to show you, which was uploaded to the Lammily Blog on 10th March 2016, is an image entitled "Lammily vs Ken" illustrated by a side by side comparison photograph so you can see the difference in body shape, size, height etc..

Out of the two I think I prefer Lammily Boy's shape, I've never quite got on with Ken's and find most male doll's bodies are weirdly proportioned, with either overly muscular chests and skinny little legs so they tend to be shaped more like a gorilla than a human! 

Having said that, Ken's not so bad and has been getting much more "Human" in recent years. 

As for Lammily, I like the idea that he's a little shorter, a little tubbier and isn't ashamed to show off his chest by wandering around in his grundies all day, of course he'd have been absolutely perfect if he'd come with a pair of "Walter White tiny whiteys"!!

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