Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Hi everyone ... I'm back!

Wow, It's been crazy amounts of months since I've been able to get back on here and post some of my many treasures to show you...

Unfortunately the reasons for my very extended absence without as much as a peep of warning are many and most caught me by surprise and sent me into a huge tail spin for all those months. 

I don't really want to drone on here about my woes as this is where I come as a kind of therapy (Dolly - Heaven!) but one thing I will tell you is I ended up having to relocate at 3am a couple of weeks into February due to my stupid pain addled brain forgetting I left a tap running and voila 1 flooded house... It rained in my hallway... from the lights! 

So of course the electric went off and with it the phones, neither myself or Aaron had credit on our mobiles, so we had to wake up our neighbours, use their phone to wake up my parents and get Mummy to come right away and take all my babies to her house, lizard, snake and all - it took until 10am the next day to get everyone in and settled, still on the plus side my cats are very happy with the move as they now have over an acre of land to roam about in, Roxy of course has always loved hanging out at "Grandma's" so she was happy about our misfortune.

Another wonderful thing that happened is the old laptop I was using began to die and blogging without a keyboard and trying to use an onscreen one which doesn't always work, and to cap it off the WiFi card went and I was reduced to using an old dongle which was patchy at best so meh - no posts for poor little Herbie

Still I treated myself (eventually) and today my brand new laptop arrived so as I've now got myself signed into everything and imported lots of other stuff and hooked it up to the Nas,  here I am excitedly typing away and feeling a total sad sack for being amazed how much easier blogging on a working laptop is! 

Here's one awesome thing that happened during that time - well April to be exact, my sis-in-law decided she definitely wouldn't be able to keep her dog now she'd returned to work, so as we arranged in December...  Rocco of course moved in, and now Roxy has a little brother - they get on great, he's ridiculously placid and stupidly cute...

Of course I have to show off a photo' of my new baby boy, so here goes:

Rocco's first bath in his new home.

Behold Sir. Rocco of Pugsleydale taking his first bath in his "new home"... Aaron spent a full five minutes lifting him up, looking into his face and laughing hysterically, over and over until he had trouble breathing, mean really but well he does have one of the most derpiest of derp faces I've ever seen!

I hope you're all sitting comfortably as I have a lot (and I mean A LOT) to share with you all so grab yourself a cuppa and prepare for bombardment!