Monday, 3 October 2016

☞ Birthday Prezzies 2015 - Living Dead Dolls: Part 4 - Norman Bates & Marian Crane - (Psycho) ☜

When I saw this promo' poster advertising the latest offering from Living Dead Dolls, I just had to have them!

Psycho has long been one of my favourite films, the atmosphere is electric and unrelenting, Hitchcock was truly a master of the genre.

Living Dead Dolls Promo' Poster

 I love that it is in black and white and that the horror is not derived from gore or blood letting everywhere, but from the quiet unassuming way in which Antony Perkins depicts Norman, the idea that the most dangerous people are not always openly scary and can come across as a really nice, friendly person until it is too late and once you find out your mistake it is too late, your life is forfeited because of it...

I really love the packaging on these two dolls, the front of each box is decorated according to each of the character's perspective during "the shower scene" of the original Psycho film.

Marian Crane's box depicts the moment when Norman (dressed as his mother) pulls back the shower curtain and raises the knife to slash her to death, and the doll's expression conveys the shock and fear shown on Janet Leigh's face when she is surprised in the shower. 

While Norman's box shows the same moment from Marian Crane's perspective, her hands are depicted raised in order to try and fend off the blows in an attempt to save her life.

Living Dead Dolls advertising

Marian comes wrapped in a "Bate's Motel" towel, screaming for her life...
Living Dead Dolls advertising
While Norman comes dressed as his mother complete with blonde wig over his dark hair which can clearly be seen and his trousers and men's boots poking out underneath, his face is contorted in a mixture of rage (at that filthy girl!) and a scream which he emits just as he's about to attack!

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