Wednesday, 5 October 2016

πŸ—‘ 2009 (remake) Jason Voorhees Living Dead Doll πŸ—‘

He was an Early Birthday present from my Son!


This version of the Jason's does not have a re-movable mask...but he does have a blooming great big knife...Woot hours of fun!

Yay... I did it!!

I finally managed to get Jason's mask off ...

I tried when I got him but it was stuck tight to the bottom of his face and so I emailed the living dead dolls website to ask if it was removable ... they said no but over the months I saw several others of these dolls being sold all of which said the mask was removable so I was a bit flummuxed ...

I even found one which showed a pic' of the doll with and without mask so I thought I'm going for it! 

I took out my trusty scalpel and set to work... the buggers had only glued his top lip and nose to the mask but ha ... didn't stop me and so here's my little boy's great unveiling...kinda cute ain't he? 

I'll be including this in a later post when I finally get pic's of my Living Dead Doll Collection together and uploaded *Grin*

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