Sunday, 6 January 2013

What do you get 2 spoilt Ferrets who have everything?!

Last Christmas, we bought our boys, Chicken & Bones, a whole chicken for Christmas as we thought this would make them really happy, sadly it did not... They left a few teeth marks in it's backbone, but that was it and as we couldn't run the risk of it becoming frozen through in the frost or going rotten  we had to remove it on Boxing Day and place it on the fire for cremation, so the dogs did not get hold of it and choke on the bones!

This year, while racking our brains trying to figure out what to buy for them, I happened to find a tutorial on how to make a Cat Bed from an old sweater or jumper, whilst looking for doll clothes sewing patterns of all things...

It seemed like the perfect way to solve our "what to buy?" conundrum, so next shopping day, I went around a few Charity Shops and found a black fleece lined School Sweater for 99p and so, last night after washing and drying it, I set to work making my boys a pressie.

While the tutorial is quite easy to follow, I did in parts make adapt it as it didn't always make sense to me and like any pattern I always end up changing bits of it as I go along...

Here's the tutorial, in case you'd like to try and make one for yourself:

Changes I made:
  • After I'd completed Step 1, I sewed the two cuffs together by placing one inside the other and sewing the end of one cuff to the top of the other. 
This made it easier for me to determine how much I needed to roll up the bottom of the jumper as it gave an idea of the total size the bed would be once finished.
  • After I'd done this I pretty much threw out the Tutorial!
First I found an scrap piece of duvet I'd had lying around, and placed this inside the "body" area of the jumper,I then rolled up and stitched the rolled bottom all along, and across each of the edges created at the sides of this rolled area, cutting off the excess as I did so.
  • I then partially stuffed the sleeve area at the cuff to make it easier to work on the bottom of the bed.
I turned it upside down and sewed the rolled area to bottom of the sleeve, cutting off the sharp corners I'd created with my sewing in the last step, and giving the base a more rounded shape.

My puppy Roxy kept getting into it while I had it on my lap and was sewing it (and covered it in hair!), so I had to promise to make her one as well... and one each for my other two girls; Tanna & Brooke, guess I'll be hanging out in second hand shops looking for suitable jumpers to use for some time yet!

And here they are fast asleep and curled up in tight little ferrety balls of snorage inside their new bed, as you can see they love it!!